"Buckle UP!" - The next 12 days and beyond



Factor in the non-sensic sense, from 3 days ago.

Handy if you’re on the run all the same. :icon_beer:


Oh. Look. The Valentia cables.



Odd manhole fires in Manhattan.





And so goes the guy with no background in journalism but made his name at NBC with reality shows, His biggest success at NBC by a wide margin, some show called The Apprentice. Whose main star was some guy named D Trump.

Nothing about CNN’s rabid political coverage after 2016 makes any sense unless you know about Zuckers previous career with Trump. Zucker saw a winning ratings angle and ran with it. Got nothing to do with news or journalism.

Of the six remaining of those mug shots at least four have serious rumors of scandals doing the rounds.

CNN is being shopped around at the moment but no takers. CNN has reached the late yahoo stage. When Verizon were trying to dump yahoo at any price…





One info source says all familiar face at CNN are bad people. Very bad people.

Meanwhile, Obama this term not working out as planned… “WE NEED TO HAVE A CONVERSATION ABOUT THE DONALD” is it?


Fears for the Queen as Palace REFUSES to say if she has Covid after it’s revealed she met Prince Charles two days before he tested positive: Monarch, 95, is being ‘monitored’ but is ‘not displaying symptoms’

  • Clarence House confirmed today Prince Charles has tested positive for coronavirus and is now self-isolating

  • This is the second time the Prince of Wales has tested positive for Covid-19 after contracting it in March 2020

  • Prince met with the Queen, 95, on Tuesday - the same day he also hosted investiture ceremony at Windsor

  • Sources refused to confirm whether the Queen tested negative for Covid but she is not showing symptoms

  • The news comes hours after Charles attended black tie event with Home Secretary and Chancellor last night

Something about some people being sick suddenly… from something posted somewhere.


She hasn’t been seen since late 2021. Since before that Luxor ceremony/parade thingy. She got her Jubilee though - only Monarch to have a 70 year one.




When the top three headlines are Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine on rte the ghost train … :popcorn:


Just more bollox intended to deflect from the heinous crimes committed by the few against the many. Newsnight plenty of tanks and not a truck in sight.


In many ways the trucks are probably the least of their problems.

Tensions are high. Warning of FF abound. There are many fronts opening up. Too many to control and too many live eyes time.



Cyberattacks. Wag the dog. Ongoing protests. Potential FFs.

Who knows :frowning:

It would be less stressful to be watching MSM in a trance instead of second guessing or wondering what the hell is actually happening…

Or maybe I should just relax & get more popcorn.

Who knows.


Ohhhhhhh :musical_note:
The grand old Duke of York
He borrowed 12 million quid
He gave it to someone
He’d never ever met
and for something he never did

But when it was up (it was up!)
And when it went down (it went down!)
He said it was neither up nor down
For he was eating pizza in another town

Shamelessly stolen from twitter…


Bridge closing not just in the Canadian crown colony but back at the Hive eh, that’s a lot of bridge closings, it’s almost like something is going down.


Uh, This Is BAD

The headline number isn’t the story, despite what people will try to tell you.

Look at the intermediate table.

What’s worse is that through the various processing stages there is no evidence that it is abating either.

This data shows you wild processing-cost increases, particularly over the last 4-5 months. That’s labor/cost-push inflation and it is the sort that there is exactly one way to cut it off: Significant liquidity pulls and rate increases – now.

If you think they won’t do it, yes they will. This cannot be allowed to continue as it threatens to destroy the economic base of pretty much everyone in the 50 percentile and under.

There’s been evidence of this for a while as I’ve written about and this is further confirmation.

Buckle up.

Src: https://market-ticker.org/akcs-www?post=245164


Yesterday a BIG day:

  • Russia begins move on Menace regime in Ukraine.

  • TRUTH Social strategic move against the Menace Media Monopoly.

  • Canada Menace Regime walks right out into Daylight for all the World to see.

What did I miss?

Has the Kinetic phase to take down the Menace begun?