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Its the NYT for god’s sake. In the same league as Russia-1 or IRNA as a reputable source of US political information about the Republican Party.

The outright lies printed in the NYT by A.G may not be as egregious or as unrelenting as under his dad Pinch Sulzberger but they still print a hell of a lot of deliberately distorted or simply fabricated stories. When it comes to anything political I’d put them in the same league of believablily as the ramblings of some muttering drunk on an Uptown 5.

I really miss the Rosenthal era at the NYT when a reporter who got an important story even slightly wrong factually stood a good chance of getting fired. Or even worse, a complete bollocking from Rosenthal. That’s back when it was actually the newspaper of record.


This whole year has changed my view on Jews in American public life - which I know you have no issue with. I think they’ve overplayed their hand.

The intellectual and propaganda top cover that the East Coast (jewish) media have provided to mobs burning cities and now censorship is startling.


Here is another piece covering the time line.

The Dodgy Timeline.

And while the Washington Post clumsily attempts to blame President Trump for the violence – despite the President calling for “peaceful” protests and the “cheering on” of Congressmen – their own article admits the “first wave of protesters arrived at the Capitol about 12:40pm.”

President Trump’s speech didn’t conclude until 1:11pm, and with at least a 45-minute walk between the two locations with crowd-related delays, that would put the first people from Trump’s speech at Capitol Hill no earlier than 1:56pm – a full hour and sixteen minutes after troublemakers arrived.

In fact, rioters who breached the perimeter would have had to leave before Trump’s speech even began (at 12pm precisely) to make it in time for the events as they are detailed by authorities.

The Washington Post also states: “Sund’s outer perimeter on the Capitol’s west side was breached within 15 minutes,” meaning the Capitol was breached over an hour before Trump speech attendees could have even begun to arrive.

Full text here: https://thenationalpulse.com/breaking/ex-capitol-police-chief-says-pelosi-mcconnells-sergeants-at-arms-refused-security-measures-while-new-timeline-proves-trump-incitement-claims-bogus/


There are few or no “good” options. Cancel culture is starting again, free speech is being shut down, and some sites are reporting that some republicans are being fired or put on no-fly lists, for being republicans. Some may be exaggerations, who knows with the media these days, but there have been huge social media purges, and calls for Senators (Cruz & Hawkey) to resign or be expelled, simply for questioning the election processes and counts at state level according to allowed procedures (as happened with Gore/Bush, didn’t it?). If was that degree of fraud, if they get away with it now, will there ever a fair election again?


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Pence he say NO

(in case you missed it)


“Trump Administrations”

Embed starts at 2:18:53 (roll back for full speech if required)


This letter appear yesterday at the time allegedly from the Joints Chiefs of Staff - initially on Twitter but then the various MSM outlets ran with it - but what a bizarre letter and statement - yet it is not too dissimilar to Acting Secretary of Defense Chris Miller tweet earlier this month, but is it normal / Chain of Command normal?

So is it:

Totally Real and completely normal for sure.
A Fabrication (black hats, usual media fuckery)
A Fabrication (White Hats, Turmp authorised it, a ruse etc. )
A fabrication of another source…

The source letter bears no date, which is odd. Online folk tried to find an official ink, nothing came up, not sure if one has been found since.

Jan 7th DOD/Miller tweet:

Jan 7

I, and the people I lead in the Department of Defense, continue to perform our duties in accordance with our oath of office, and will execute the time-honored peaceful transition of power to President-elect Biden on January 20." - A/SD Chris Miller

Src: https://twitter.com/DeptofDefense/status/1347273126061735938

I guess the real question is - Has the Biden Transition team had their pentagon briefing resumed?

It appears they have


The letter is a standard - we are staying completely out of this shitstorm - type of letter signed by the political generals. The intended audience is more the Democrats than the Trump people. Its the Dems who have kept trying to drag the military into the mess.

The letter would have passed the lawyers first who would have known there was zero legal sedition involved in the Capitol invasion. Now insurrection is a different subject, it applies, but not in the way the media might thinks. If a conspiracy trial was held and principal actors at the scene were identified a lot of “Antifa” people would on the stand. So again, a warning by the military to the Dems to back off. Keep us out of this. We know exactly what you are up to and where the Antifa money is coming from.

So just like the way the Courts have very deliberately exempted themselves from the mess. The dismissal of all those lawsuits is unprecedented in the modern era. Basically the military is following the Courts in telling the White House and Congress, you created this mess we want no part of it. You deal with it.

Thats what the whole Insurrection Act crap is about. Why the Dems keep screaming about it. They want to drag the military in. The WH has been emphatic, no Insurrection Act, and the political generals at the Pentagon are saying dont use it either.

There is also a pointed threat in the letter. We want no crap involving the Inauguration. If anyone deliberately causes mayhem around the Inauguration then we will have to reconsider our position. Thats what the Insurrection reference meant. No more disruption of Constitutionally mandated procedures. Which is what happened during the Capitol Building invasion.


These piece gives a few reason why that be 'dar a fake - I’d say it might be real, but a real fake, leaked by the Admin to watch for reactions and moves or who passed it to the media.

All these leaks in the first year or two of the Trump admin did eventually stop. How?

You pass a copy of a press release or info/doc out with subtle variations, you know who got what, then when it appears in the media, you match that version to who got what and you have your rat. This is supposedly how the leaks were all eventually rooted out.

This had the smell of that game… no date, no links appearing on official sites, they knew this would run like wildfire so whoever saw it could not resist releasing/leaking it - The below articles is a interesting summary. I’m sure I linked to the Storm act passing, but here it is again.

STORM ACT Incoming. DC under FEMA control.

Emergency Declaration approved for Washington

Published on :

January 13, 2021 1:35 AM

Updated on :

January 13, 2021 6:01 AM

The STORM Act, a bill signed by President Trump on January 1st, 2021, is related to the Emergency Declaration for DC that was recently approved. There will be at least 10,000 National Guard troops in Washington, DC, by Saturday. The Democrats are frantically trying to get Trump out of office. Where’s Nancy Pelosi?

STORM Bill S. 3418, the “Safeguarding Tomorrow through Ongoing Risk Mitigation Act” or the “STORM Act,” which authorizes the Federal Emergency Management Agency to provide capitalization grants to States to establish revolving funds to provide hazard mitigation assistance to reduce risks from disasters and natural hazards.

Trump granted FEMA a lot of power with this bill as this will allow States to request money for disasters and get revolving payments. This didn’t seem like much at the time when it came out despite being called STORM as there was so much hype about the calm before the storm. Based on the events of last week we are definitely heading for a storm.

The troop build up in the Capital has Democrats on edge. The military takeover of DC has got Nancy Pelosi so scared she may have openly committed sedition by trying to interfere with the President’s access to the nuclear arsenal. Now they are talking about impeachment and the 25th, this is a sign of desperation and is being done to set the narrative for them in the future Trump Presidency.

Trump’s Emergency Declaration for DC.

This order puts FEMA in charge of all disaster relief in the DC area.

The President’s action authorizes the Department of Homeland Security, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), to coordinate all disaster relief efforts which have the purpose of alleviating the hardship and suffering caused by the emergency on the local population, and to provide appropriate assistance for required emergency measures, authorized under Title V of the Stafford Act, to save lives and to protect property and public health and safety, and to lessen or avert the threat of a catastrophe in the District of Columbia.

Pete Gaynor, Administrator, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Department of Homeland Security, named Thomas J. Fargione as the Federal Coordinating Officer for Federal recovery operations in the affected area.

This declaration puts FEMA in charge of coordinating all disaster relief efforts in the District of Columbia. The following day the Acting Secretary of the DHS stepped down and Pete Gaynor took over the top position.

A Forgery meant to expose the military’s allegiance.

This Memorandum from the “Joint Chiefs of Staff” is a forgery.

  • There are photoshop artifacts in the header
  • Invalid header. It should be “From Joint Chiefs” not “To Joint Chiefs”
  • Originally posted on a biased news site
  • Reposted on navy.mil which is controlled by a compromised Admiral
  • Not dated or any unique number
  • Not available in any other legitimate official site.

All military documents must have a date and dates for each signature. The “UNCLASSIFIED” writing should be in red not black. They didn’t even bother to put the full address at the top. And lastly its missing all the document codes and UCMJ References for military wide transmission.

This was put out by the left to try to figure out for where the DOD’s loyalties lie. With a "virtual inauguration " planned for Biden the Democrats are frantically trying to figure out why 15,000 National Guard Troops has been mobilized to DC in the recently declared State of Emergency.


@SecPompeo posting flavour of choice today appears to be Israel



Secretary Pompeo @SecPompeo

One week from today, I will be stepping aside as Secretary of State and this account will be archived. Be sure to follow me @mikepompeo Go do it now.

Src: https://twitter.com/SecPompeo/status/1349355524463054852


FYI. All National Guard units on the ground in DC were previous detailed for Inauguration Duty They are from the five neighboring states and DC. PA, NJ, NY, MD,VA. The numbers, around 6K, is not that much more than previously planned. Based on what I have heard these all seem to be second tier units, not the NG units that get rotated into combat theaters on a regular basis. So the sort of guys you see on the ground after national disasters and stuff lime that. Not the A Team.

So nothing nefarious so far.


Reports 15-20K… is the inauguration a cover, I thought it was going to be virtual, CGI Joe never looked so good (controlled live by the China AI)! :sweat_smile:

They’ve been building up the spectre of a major attack narrative in the media (white supremacy) the last couple fo days, lead by FBI reports and what not.


Caveat: Anonymous sources.

Marine Corps. Rebukes Pelosi: “WE DON’T WORK FOR YOU!”

A Pentagon source speaking under promise of anonymity told Real Raw News that Pelosi contacted Gen. Berger late Monday night, and she beseeched him to commit 5,000 troops to help ensure a peaceful transition of power and to prevent a repeat of the Jan 6 siege of the Capitol. Gen. Berger, our source said, didn’t understand why Pelosi needed additional soldiers to augment an already impressive force assembled by federal and state officials. That force includes 15,000 National Guard from D.C., Delaware, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island, and an undisclosed number of FBI and DHS agents who arrived in D.C. Sunday night.

Pelosi said she wanted “battle ready” reinforcements because and kooky Qanon conspiracy people” were about to converge on D.C. She implored him to reconsider, arguing that it was the general’s patriotic duty to quell uprisings and guarantee Biden’s ascension to the Oval Office.

“Don’t lecture me on patriotism, Madam Speaker. I’ve served this country with distinction for 40 years. I’ve spilled blood for our nation. What have you, a self-serving elected official, done for your country?” Gen. Berger said.

Pelosi further enraged him by saying he was answerable to Congress.

“I answer only to the president, and as I understand it, Donald J. Trump is still president and commander-in-chief. I abide in the Constitution as it was written, not your interpretation of it,” Gen. Berger admonished Pelosi.

Quoting our source, “When her intimidation tactic failed to sway Gen. Berger, Pelosi tried a different tactic: Begging and flattery.”

Pelosi claimed that the National Guard’s “weekend warriors” were ill-prepared to repel an army of “mad Trumpists.” Battle-hardened marines, however, were more capable of defeating “rabble rousers,” she said. “You have the best trained soldiers in the world, and America needs them.”

Gen. Berger was unmoved. The only way Marines would be deployed, he told her, was if President Trump himself issued that order.

“If you want us to help combat his supporters, I suggest you get him on the phone and tell him that. If he orders me to, I will. Otherwise, I suggest you listen really hard to the words escaping your cracked, poisonous lips; they’re tantamount to treason,” Gen. Berger allegedly told her.



I keep thinking of that laptop. And who took it.

The fact that that only other publicly acknowledged loss was the laptop from an Oregon senator I think point the finger in a certain direction.

Plus never rule out simple senile dementia. She has been blanking out publicly for years. She reminds me of some of the very old ladies (very rich) you see a few blocks away from her house in Pacific Heights in cafes on Upper Fillmore. Talking away then going blank for a short while then drifting back in again. They have exactly the same fixed facial features (plastic surgery) and body language as Pelosi. Although I might add, much more interesting to talk to.


Yes, but they have photographs of them napping in the various hallways…
That’s a little odd isn’t it? Although I think last time they were in DC there were issues with their accommodation? Could be it’s all for theatre as they are doing the Impeachment debate, I suppose.
I agree your cat’s guess is probably as good as mine :smiley:



Please will everyone keep their eyes and ears well peeled on Inauguration Day, traditionally a very good day for burying bad news in the USA


What’s wrong with plastic surgery?