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NEW: China’s Xi urges better ties in rare summit with Australia

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ALERT: US Navy Sinks Boat Carrying ‘Explosive Materials’ From Iran To Yemen

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NEW: UK Unemployment Edges Higher: Official Data

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UPDATES: Protesters in southern China clashed with police in a rare display of public opposition to anti-Covid measures

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NEW: UK Budget Predicted To Be A Nightmare Before Christmas

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NEW: FTX collapse has undermined investor confidence and threatened the young cryptocurrency sector

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NEW: US Senate To Vote This Week On Same-sex Marriage Bill

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NEW: Chip Giant TSMC Shares Surge On Buffett Stake

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Ronaldo Says Man United Owners ‘Don’t Care’ About Club https://insiderpaper.com/ronaldo-says-man-united-owners-dont-care-about-club/

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Chapelle did… a surprising monologue on SNL.

The link to the article is dead right now tho…


Heaven Scene is also worth watching for Mikey :joy:

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NEW - Xi to Trudeau at G20: Everything discussed yesterday “has been leaked to the paper(s), that’s not appropriate” and “that’s not the way the conversation was conducted.”


He struggles to walk properly as he exits to cry into his pillow :slightly_smiling_face:

Youuu don’t communist right. Youuu amateur communist. I show youuuuu communist the wight way. Noooowwwww fck off.


Brazil military is moving. I on the sky.

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