"Buckle UP!" - The next 12 days and beyond



Some interesting chatter among those with NG and PD background and contacts. The kit worn by the NG on the ground in the streets of DC is not the same as they wore in 2016. It is not what is worn for crowd control purposes or disaster response. The last time NG was put on the street of a US city in full combat gear with live rounds was AFTER the Insurrection Act was triggered during the LA Riots in 1992. When there was widespread looting all over the city and running gunbattles in some areas.

This operation seems to be completely run by the DC National Guard command. The only Federalized NG. The DC Police Department are completely out of the loop which is unique in recent times. In fact they have no idea why it is being done as it is not consistent with the actual threat level they are seeing.

The bigger story, who knows. Could be the set up for triggering the Insurrection Act by Biden due to an “incident”. Either spontaneous or manufactured. Like the Capitol Building incident. Or, as seems more likely at the moment, the Hill was profoundly shaken to the core by the fracas in the Capitol Building and they want a massive show of force to show all the deplorable plebs out there who dont know their place and dare challenge their authority that the will be crushed. By overwhelming force if necessary. This is the Swamp bearing its fangs. Remember, everyone who died in and around the Capitol Building that day was actually a Trump supporter as it turned out. The Swamp would not think twice about killing a lot more to hold onto power. They have in the past.

All the hard core Trump supporters in the blog-sphere who have a very good track record for inside sources are telling people to stay away from DC and to stay away from State Capitols this week. There are so many elements of the Swamp that will be trying hard to spark another Incident that it is not worth the risk. Start playing the long game, because that is the only game that can be won.

Its going to be an interesting week or two.


from my vantage point, there is no way an unruly mob would have been able to get into the capitol chambers without inside help. the only person who beneffited was biden because the senate stopped investigating possibility of a fraudulent election when the ballot verification resumed


Now you’re seeing it… Mayor Bowser was already complaining as early at Jan 5th from about what was coming in.

The National Guard can use Lethal force this time, no more of the unarmed traffic duty during the more BLM riots/anarchy - I do think I saw some pics of active duty units about the place. Will try to find.

Also, let’s not forgot the ITS A TRAP Scenario, no insurrection needed afaict, that’s the fortress or prison question - why did Biden cancel the rehearsal, why the push for virtual as opposed to real, is Capitol Hill so dangerous, dangerous to who and why?

Fascinating alignment right now:

Current Secretary of Sate - Former Marine
Current Acting Head of Defensive - Former Marine.
Current Acting Her dog FEMA - Former Marine.

Looks like the Marines are running this show at key points.

Now I don’t normally quote the WAPO, but this looks leek comms-directive and/or panic relating back to the Miller instruction:

Acting defense secretary orders NSA director to immediately install former GOP operative as the agency’s top lawyer

…The move is troubling, coming as it does four days before President Trump leaves office and the Biden administration takes over, former U.S. officials said. The move makes it more difficult for the Biden administration to immediately replace him, the former officials said.

“An 11th-hour move like this and a directive from the acting secretary of defense is overwhelmingly strong evidence of irregularity,” Hennessey said on Saturday. “Unless the acting secretary of defense can produce a compelling rationale for why this individual needed to be installed now, there should be a presumption that this is improper and the Biden team should remove this individual on Day 1.”

Archived link: https://archive.is/L03aF


Now we see Pompeo tweeting about China for the last 20+ hours.

Too many to quite go look here - https://twitter.com/SecPompeo

These tweets are only short of Trump declaring China is currently at WAR with the USA., sine according ot Pompeo, they are already inside the borders.


A very interesting week.
The House took an incredibly short time to impeach. Was all due process followed? Following an election with multiple allegations of irregularity and “stop the steal”.

Now they, and the Senate, have to walk into a secure, walled, perimeter to go to work, with NG troops armed to the teeth, and the DC police sidelined.


Another one for the list from a few days ago:

Kuwait Government Resigns En Masse as Emir Faces First Big Challenge


There was zero due process for either impeachment of Trump. At least by the standards of the Clinton Impeachment which was far more scrupulous than the Andrew Johnson impeachment. This was discussed in great detail at the time.

Basically the first Impeachment articles against Trump should never have been filed by the House as one of the standards for the procedure is that it must stand a reasonable chance of getting the assent of the Senate in a vote. This was the primary reason why the Reagan Impeachment never got off the drawing board. It would have got voted down by the Republican Senate majority of the time. And using the arguments used by the Democratic Party in the lead up to the Clinton Impeachment the first Trump Impeachment should have never passed beyond a staffer position paper stage either.

The second one was just a pathetic joke. At all levels. Not just legal. The internal party logic for the first was was almost plausible but the second one defies any logic. When the memoirs are written I would not be surprised that the second impeachment was little more than a bizarre vendetta, maybe forced by some very big donors(s). Pelosi may be senile, but she is not that senile.

The reason I keep being reminded of the 1850’s is that the current upper levels of the Democratic party leadership seems as divorced from reality and living in their own parallel universe as those in the 1850’s. The party in the 1850’s though it was still the 1830’s. The current lot thinks it is still the 1990’s.

They no longer control the media narrative. Their voter may believe the MSM, about 90% of Dem voters think the MSM is “objective”. Independents around 30%. Republican voters less than 10%. Which is why you have such a huge division. Democratic Voters live in one universe, the MSMS one, and everyone else, more than half the county lives in a very different non MSM curated universe.

The election was stolen. Was nt the first. The outright steals were 1960, 1912, 1876. With 1996, 1992, 1892 being won by very deliberate third party spoilers.

So very much a traditional Presidential election. Afterwards everyone is mad as hell and one side broke a lot of laws to win.


speaking of the marines. from Trump’s inaugural address, the top military descended the steps behind him

video of the relevant scene


…and she’s gets the lash.



11h, 6 tweets, 3 min read

Biden’s transition team has revealed there is a very real fear that members of the national guard who support President Trump might kill Biden during the inauguration so they’ve asked commanders to confiscate all ammo and magazines from the soldiers. See photo: Image

2/ Biden’s transition team asked if it would be possible to determine which soldiers voted in GOP primaries or who have contributed to GOP candidates so commanders could station them away from the president-elect. The request was refused fueling their fear of attack. Image

3/ When I was in the Marines we were called to LA for the riots. We couldn’t carry ammo. All we had were empty M16-A2s and our humvees.


4/ Biden’s fears started with his Secret Service detail, he had every agent on the White House detailed demoted as he worried about their loyalty to Trump. Democrats think that anyone who supports Trump is a very real threat.

Joe Biden to have new Secret Service team amid concern about Trump loyalty Agents familiar from time as vice-president to return, with some members of detail having reportedly discouraged mask-wearinghttps://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/dec/31/joe-biden-secret-service-team-trump-loyalty

5/ Even @SpeakerPelosi is fomenting fear by falsely claiming Republican members of Congress are planning to bring guns to the inauguration to intimidate and threaten the president-elect.

Pelosi Baselessly Claims GOP Reps Are Bringing Guns To Inaugural House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is reportedly concerned about lawmakers legally carrying firearms to this week’s inaugural ceremony.https://thefederalist.com/2021/01/17/pelosi-baselessly-claims-gop-reps-are-dangerously-bringing-guns-to-inaugural/

6/ The Army has confirmed they’ve acquiesced to Biden’s demand for security screening for National Guard members who support President Trump.

After deadly Capitol riot, Army looking at which troops require security screening ahead of Biden inauguration “We are working with the Secret Service to determine which service members supporting the national special security event for the Inauguration require additional background screening,” an Army spokesp…https://www.armytimes.com/news/your-army/2021/01/12/after-deadly-capitol-riot-army-looking-at-which-troops-require-security-screening-ahead-of-biden-inauguration/

Unroll Src: https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1350800988496687106.html

Src: https://twitter.com/amuse/status/1350800988496687106


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I laughed when I saw that the total fraud Alex Stamos is in Stanford now. He was in one of the news reports. They guy is a complete fraud and a total shyster. A bullshit artist. No wonder he ended up as “Chief Security Officer” at Facebook.


So DC will be locked down indefinitely it seems…

Washington’s Mayor Muriel Bowser suggested to reporters on Friday that, due to the storming of the Capitol by groups of “white extremists,” heightened security measures in the district could remain in effect until well after Inauguration Day.

“We are going to go back to a new normal,” Bowser said. “We certainly have to think about a new posture in the city. So while we are focused on January the 20th, we are also focused on January the 21st and every day thereafter in the nation’s capital.”

Now the really interesting thing about all the National Guard units being sent is just who the neighboring state governors are sending. Its not the good units. Its almost all 'No Go" units. Basically all the Guard units used to dump the guys that are unfit one way or other for serving in the firsts line National Guard units that are deployed on a regular basis to combat zones. The small detachments from further afield are almost all MPs who are mostly cops so they actually know what the fuck they are doing and can be trusted to not shoot themselves accidentally with a loaded weapon. So most of the guys manning the checkpoints have no rounds in their weapons. For everyone’s safety. And the checkpoints are all for show. According to combat vets who did this for real in Iraq and Afghanistan.

There is however some really weird units mixed in there which has people who know the trade scratching their heads. An NBC unit is odd but a Combat Repair Unit is very odd. Usually only sent when you expect to stick around a long time. Now the really bizarre stuff is a full Air Force fighter wing and a Predator unit. Not just the recon ones but the ones that usually have Hellfires on them. Thats the real head scratcher.

Anyway, so you fill a big city with troops who are not exactly the best or brightest most of who have zero relevant experience and most who certainly dont want to be there at the behests of a bunch of mostly senile crazed politicians who have completely gone off the deep end. Even by DC standards.

What could possibly go wrong.


Well why not. I guess SOMEONE has to keep a close eye on what Nick Clegg is getting up to


One online site has been musing about the Act of 1871 by the 41st Congress, which established DC and allegedly altered the status of the original US constitution, and whether that, or a reversal thereof, is underpinning current events :clown_face: strange times


Might this be the source of the Trump becoming the 19th President of the Constitutional United States speculation? :whistle:


Who knows?
I’m filtering/evaluating this stuff as a total normie … so GIGO maybe? But it’s looking interesting… and there are few other hypotheses to tie together seemingly unrelated very odd events, including globally.

Will keep watching.


I read that as being no different from what was enacted every time a new territory was organized and folded into the Federal system. I remember there being some very messy legal problems in the early days in California because it basically skipped the whole Territory stage. It was sort of one in 1847, kinda of one in 1848, the locals said fuck this we are having a Constitutional Convention in 1849 and basically sent a fait accompli to DC in 1850. So it became a state much to the annoyance of a lot of folk on the Hill. The only state that was never a properly constituted Federal Territory.

So what I read in that Congressional Record is Washington DC being set up just like a Territory. With the only difference in who makes the appointment of the Governor. In this case the Senate.

There might be some subsequent case law that clouds the subject but at least from that page I do not see any real problem. As much as you can say that about anything that involves DC.


Those of you familiar with Chicago and current Chicago politics are probably familiar with the Second City Cop blog. A great source of information and what was written there is pretty much what I have been hearing from local PD officers about how the pols fuck up big city policing. Same story in most cities. Except in this case it was written in that uniquely Chicago manner.

Well the blog was just shutdown by the guys who run it… For their own protection.

Here is their statement…

Over the weekend, we received information from a contact at Google that internal chat/e-mails led them to believe that certain precautions we had taken over the years had been breached by Google. We had gotten similar warnings from others in the past, and we dealt with or ignored them as the situation warranted. But this one was different.

And this one – on the heels of Big Tech’s wholesale attack on the President, Parler and center-right to right-leaning authors, politicians and voices – pointed to a countdown that had far less time than we had thought. Most likely, far less time than you think, too. The blacklisting has begun, even if you won’t see it. You should – the wholesale abandonment of the President, the denunciations, the, “I wasn’t really with him” self-serving statements. Sound familiar? It should…if you have any recollections of the show trials behind the Iron Curtain, in Southeast Asia, in assorted Middle East kleptocracies.

Disavowal and re-education is on tap. What Senator McCarthy is remembered for – “Are you now or have you ever been…” has been twisted, refined (Bake that cake!), and exacerbated (Parler is only the first of many). They don’t want “unity.” They want Compliance and as the last fifteen years have shown, we aren’t really good at compliance. The amount of personal data available to “woke companies” who would deny commerce or service based on beliefs, contributions, investments (not Green enough!), social media posting, employment (cops not welcome here), bumper stickers – Have you heard of Operation Choke Point? Look it up and imagine it drilled down to individual citizens. Orwell’s 1984? It’s here.


Capitol Hill building complex sees smoke rising.


JUST IN - Smoke rising behind the U.S. Capitol building. Emergency announcement playing at Capitol grounds. People who were on the grounds for the inauguration rehearsal have left.

Video @ src: https://twitter.com/disclosetv/status/1351189906173911046