"Buckle UP!" - The next 12 days and beyond



Thanks - interesting! These rumours crop up online and without knowing the wider context, or comparing to the manner in which these Acts occurred for other territories (which I know little or nothing about), hard to know what to believe as I said!


Watch everything, Believe nothing.


Yep they are not happy about Millers instruction. Nancy Pelosi is on it:


Does Nancy have Trust issues?


Interestingly Steven Bannon has a guest on talking about the Reichstag fire in the 1930s in the first video uploaded today - the discussion was about the effect his then had on political discourse (i.e. cancel culture) thereafter. Haven’t watched the rest of today’s show yet, so don’t know if they mention todays fire at all in the show or not.



2000 of the NG in DC have been sworn in as US Marshals, according to their twitter.


According to the BBC news, the fire was several blocks away, but such is the obvious paranoia, they shut down Capital Hill as well.

I’d want to be sure the car is running well that day, one backfire could result in return fire!


Today’s fire was in a homeless camp under a freeway/highway apparently…


:rofl: Thats a cracker!

Meanwhile, people be all Continuity of Government jumpy now. :ninja:


National Popcorn day tomorrow :popcorn:


But this is the much more interesting query…


Now select by Metro…

In the top three are DC, Norfolk, VA (so thats the Navy) but the Pensacola, FL is the very interesting one.

Guess who is in Pensacola

Who are also Navy.

So it looks like its DC and the USN who are very interested in the subject. And unless I am mistaken most of the DC queries came from an obscure Maryland suburb. One of those anonymous officeparks perhaps.

Funny how no mention of the Navy turning up to the party in DC. The Army, Marines and Air Force were invited. Maybe the USN are miffed at not getting an invite and are planning to crash the party.


Is this a form of epic trolling on a scale and mastery few could imagine, were you somehow manuevour your critics to do the very thing they spent a good portion of their career trying to roast you over, maybe I’m over reaching here but… :whistle:

I imagine this one won’t have too many funding issues, if it gets to making it permanent.


Anyone in the US should stay home, stay inside and just keep eating popcorn this week.

Did anyone post this yet? Linky to an FCC advisory dated 7th January eminding U.S. broadcasters and other EAS participants of their obligations to comply with the Emergency Alert System rules.


Not a lot of faith coming from the direction of the Dem’s for their own security forces, national guard, army, airforce, navy and marines to protect them on their big day. Right? :man_shrugging:

When Trump said he wouldn’t be there either he got his account suspended from twitter. :whistle:


But no one turned up in Albany to demonstrate…


Same happened in Sacramento too. Media screaming about large demonstrations and all t hat happened was tumbleweed outside the state capitol.

For a party that claims that there was absolutely no election fraud, none at all, no siree, the Democrats sure are acting very defensive and frightened. Its like they are acting all guilty and have something to hide.

They sure as hell are not acting like someone who won an election fair and square…




Jan 18th


We know we’re being lied to. They’re manufacturing consent for something but I don’t know what.

They’re going for a Hitler Oath thing where soldiers will have to swear an oath to the Globohomo agenda


This might not seem on topic. :ninja:


Jan 18th