Budget 2013 / 5th Dec '12

2013 Budget Day is today 5th Dec 2012 so this the thread.

Other threads will be locked so keep discussion in here. Thanks.

BUMP :nin

A green and a red tie from the two gimps

Is there any possibilty of setting up a Samaritans-style helpline for those of us suffering from extreme over-exposure to the expression, “the most vulnerable in society?”

I fear a tidal wave of it today!

I’m feeling a bit vulnerable today, as are most people who earn anything over the average wage.

Shouldn’t we deal with this years one first. Or maybe I’ve slept too long and missed out a whole year.

Ah, I see Budget 2013, 5th Dec.

Sorry, the jokes are poor but I’m going to do my best today around work to spread a bit of cheer.

They can take our money but they’ll never take our whinging nature!!!

Howlin off sunning himself in Doha apparently on the day of the introduction of a property tax.

Budget day drinking game:

Anyone says “The most vulnerable in society” - take a drink
Gerry Adams sneers - take a drink
Enda pauses dramatically - take a drink
Enda says “let me be clear” or “make no mistake” - take 2 drinks
Ming smokes a spliff - drink the bottle
Joan’s voice shatters glass in Dail press gallery - 2 drinks
Anyone says “sustained growth” - take a drink
Anyone says “regime” - take a drink
Anyone says “regime change” - celebrate!
Anyone in opposition says “austerity” - take a drink
Anyone in government says “austerity” - drink the bottle

hogan rather than howlin i think…

Phil hogan is in doha, climate change conference

Very convenient, he’s not around to make any gaffes

Just heard on the Pat Kenny Show: “Coming up - Paddy O’Gorman talks to a woman who will *return to robbing *if the budget hits her again!” (Presumably she was robbing during the boom times when there was giveaway budgets!)

Take a drink before the price goes up

Along with a tidal wave of bullsh*t spin

Sorry you’re correct. Slip of the keyboard.

So will there be queues at petrol stations tonight?

Links to Budget 2013 website here


Juicy bits at 3.10 and 3.50pm.

pressdisplay.com/pressdispla … x?cid=8949

Prince Philip, Phil Hogan

Gaffes, it’s a Phil thing

Gotta keep up with Agenda 21 don’t ya know.

Anyone says “Turning a corner” or “end in sight” : 8DD