Budget 2013 / 5th Dec '12

Or 85% of the adjustments

Anyone any predictions about what might happen with off-licence booze? Will Roisin Shorthall (and her friends in Alcohol Action) get their way with a minimum price per unit? Or will it be just a token increase in excise duty - maybe 10c on a can or so? (I’m going for the latter - but got the Christmas supply in last night!)

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Paddy Power Odds on Budget 2013

I’ve a tenner on the sky blue tie.
There is nothing about property tax, guess because it’s a done deal.

Very very little has been reported on how the 2bn in spending cuts will be made.

The focus on the 1.5bn on taxes shows the society we live in - everybody worried about their own pocket.

Any thoughts on how the Gov will incentivise the wilting property market?

Keep Mortgage Interest Relief for FTBs?
Exemption from Property tax for 3 years for FTBs? Or for all buyers?
Property Tax payable by tenants?
Removal of Rent Tax Credit?

I have no doubt they’ll try a host of measures…

Removal of rent tax credit is already in progress. Wouldn’t be surprised if they implemented the other 3 though.

Will the motor tax increases be applied at midnight? Tax up for renewal this month…

Dunno. Where do you get milk bottles these days?

No, from 2013. Petrol/diesel from tonight though. Same as every year.

I’ll be shocked if they don’t extend MIR, maybe for FTBs only tho.
Or what I think is even more likely to happen is that they give it a totally different, new name and sell it as a ‘new scheme’.
That way they don’t lose face given that they’re blue in the face from telling us all in the last 8 weeks that it wont be extended.
Exemption from property tax for 3 years isn’t that much of an incentive if you ask me so if that appears then it will be accompanied by at least one other exemption/relief.

Just went for some diesel and it’s 2c a litre more expensive than when I passed this morning…

Maybe they are expecting a 2c cut in budget :slight_smile:

A quote from the baldy one:

“These are good times, and it’s good to be minister when the economy is growing again.”

What a bloody dope. Growing slower than expected, overspending and below budget tax receipts.

The economy is growing despite the governments best efforts not because of it.

Ten years on from the overwhelming stupidity of the McCreevy era and we have another muppet speaking gibberish. It brings this thread to mind:


Talk about slipping out bad news on budget day, Vodafone just text to announce that from 15th Jan, calls to land lines and mobiles will be charged at 35c per min and 15c per text.

Maybe more suited to this thread? viewtopic.php?f=4&t=50320&p=655906#p655906

Any ideas where best to follow things live online?

The IT blog has been pretty slow all morning.

Turning on Radio1 5 mins early has got me Joe Duffy :sick:

Brian Dowling on the RTE news at one said that people would be able to access 30% of their AVCs free of tax. And I think he said the 41% tax relief is staying. It’ll be interesting to see the details of this.

I’ve no idea how much of DC funds generally are categorized as AVC. In my case it’s over 70% of my fund.

At first glance regardless of whether you need the money it sounds like you’d have to take the money out, you could invest it in the same or similar funds outside of a pension, or you could gradually feed it back into the pension to avail of tax relief again.

A couple downsides would be that you’d lose any tax free fund growth, also the money would count as means if that were to become important to you.