Budget 2014


The Gardai have the power to stop you and ask your name and address, the DSP official does not. If the DSP official is standing beside the Garda at the time then they now have reason to believe you are working when perhaps you are claiming as well. Don’t see anywhere that the Gardai are getting powers to ask more than stated above…


Their role is more than defenders of the peace…


Garda Síochána agus an fear a bhailiú cáin


No, they don’t unless they have reasonable cause or suspicion.

Mind you, they’ll just make it up as they go along.


If boards.ie is a microcosm of public optimism we’re all fscked anyway.


Must admit that I’m not a legal eagle but in many cases companies and individuals use letters using big words and threats as bully boy intimidation in the hope the person on the receiving end folds. In many cases it works

I once dealt with a service provider who was very fond of making up quotes on contract law and trespassing/criminal damage as he went along. I consulted with a compliance officer in work (woo hoo, free legal advice 8DD ) and was in a position to tell him to fuck off.

Also helped a friend out who was being threatened with legal action from another crowd. I pointed out they’d breached data protection legislation about 5 times in the letter they sent him, helped him draft a response and hey presto no further response (FWIW I wasn’t being an asshole, the company were totally in the wrong)

Alas most people just get a fright and fold


Early start for home renovation scheme

www.irishtimes.com/news/politics/early- … -1.1571071


Beat you to it!


Some questions in the thread whether the Gardai can do even that… But what if the DSP official and Garda follow you home, DSP official takes a look at your kids and decides they don’t look like yours, then the Garda can remove the kids for DNA tests and in the process get the other info. They have the kids as hostage too in case you decide to make a run for it.

Even if you don’t have kids, the DSP official might just decide your wife/husband doesn’t look like she/he would really have freely married you and should be taken into protective custody for some questioning and her/his own protection (could have been trafficked in as part of white slave trade).


+1,000,000 the amount of fucking PC arseholes over there is unreal. I have 2000+ posts over there in special areas but it is pervasive PC bollocks.

Back_on_topic I recall something in a DSP act giving some powers to officers.

yep : irishstatutebook.ie/1993/en/ … c0212.html

there was something about this being extended/increased last year for exactly that reason … any good googlers out there ?

edit : found it, they added ports

irishstatutebook.ie/2012/en/ … html#sec17


Sorry should have searched first - I need to start getting out of bed earlier :smiley:


Details of improvement schema @ P15 of finance bill, out today . Too long to post but here is the link

oireachtas.ie/documents/bill … 10213d.pdf


Thank you Duisigh - gardens are included!

Duck house here I come…


cf.broadsheet.ie/wp-content/uplo … 146298.jpg

supposedly Government wanted to lie about contents of budget to the audience abroad.

I confess I can’t read the details as the photo of the frontpage is not clear enough.


according to thejournal.ie reporting on the article I got this the wrong way around. The Irish were lied to, not those overseas:
“The Government did a deal with the Troika to spin the Budget differently at home and in Europe, the Sunday Business Post is reporting. The story cites a Government memo that agrees that the level of adjustments would be presented as €2.5 billion at home and €3.1 billion in Europe.”


The Tax Strategy Group papers for 2013, which relate to Budget 2014, have been published

finance.gov.ie/what-we-do/ta … 3/tsg-2013

Papers on VRT, Excise, Energy/Envionment, VAT, Pay & File, Capital & Savings taxation, Personal Tax, Income Tax & USC, PRSI, CT, and Social Welfare

These all have costings and would all have been considered in the run up to the 2014 Budget.

Some interesting points to note were the differences in tax takes with various options of a cut/increase to a tax head.

Pg 7 of the Corporation Tax doc explains exactly how foreign multinationals legally avoid paying most of their CT obligations


PRSI paper is very good, didn’t know some of the numbers in there.


There’s some great data in there, around page 10 of the Income Tax report is quite enlightening as to how much each pay band contributes to the whole.


finance.gov.ie/sites/default … posite.pdf

Earners over 50K pay for 81% of Income Tax and 65% of USC

22,000 people earning over 200K and pay 21% on all Income Tax

39% of all eaners pay NIL Income Tax


put that on Vinny B’s ‘tweet machine’ next time he starts ranting about raising taxes for ‘the rich’