Budget 2014


Just dont understand the leaking of all this stuff the guy is on his feet in a few hours…




More like minutes. Due to start at 2.30


Is there anything left to leak,seems pointless him getting up on his hind legs at this stage given its all pretty much/all out in public domain anyway.


The fcuking theiveing hypocritical cnuts (levy doesn’t apply to their pensions) - can’t wait until they come a calling looking for votes.


We don’t know what colour tie he will be wearing.


If I’d credited the cabinet with an ounce of wit, it would have been fun to have had all this “leaked” and then have Messrs Noonan & Howlin stand up in the chamber and deliver an entirely different budget. :laughing:
Somehow, I don’t think they’d have the imagination or sense of humour for that. :frowning:


Unless they want to have a specific focus on some aspects with the news on the “old reliables” out of the way.


Jaysus must be upwards of 20 Gardai just standing in front of the Dail entance hands in their pockets…

just before baldy puts his hands in ours.


Navy and White for Brendan :wink:

Edit: might be pink.

rte.ie/news/2013/1015/480529 … -live-two/

Noonnan rocking navy
rte.ie/news/2013/1015/480453 … -live-one/


Joe Duffy sez there’s a double decker bus full of Garda around the corner from the Dáil and a garda helicopter overheard…


I cannot find this press release on the Education website



Noonan on now

rte.ie/news/2013/1015/480529 … -live-two/


RTE streaming seems to be suffering… lots of buffering.


Try this one


Um, yeah - wasn’t us that leaked nothing, we wuz stuck in a lift…


Air travel tax gone. Good!


so less incentive to provide a pension for yourself and instead rely on the state

So more tinkering and zero actual fundamental change it is (yet again)



FG gave a commitment in 2011 to abolish the airport departure tax. They have just honoured it :open_mouth: