Budget 2014


9% Tourism vat rate to stay


Home renovation tax credit for homeowners of 13.5% of expenditure 5K to 13K for works done 2014+2015


Sop to the building industry to get people off the dole and paying tax. It is estimated that 25% of those on the dole are former construction employees


Extended the CGT on property exemption to 2014. Meddle meddle meddle.


“All claims will have to be registered electronically with the Revenue Commissioners” to ensure tax compliance.
My hole. You will have to employ a builder with a tax clearance cert, but what’s to stop him paying lads in cash to do the actual work?


Interesting, tax credit for people who re-invest money made from a GCT-able gain.


thanks for the laugh anyway :laughing:


Well, that makes it worth me delaying the work I was going to get done…


I thought that the maximum expenditure for the home renovation scheme announced was €30k


Indeed. It’s going to be a grim Christmas for builders…


Could well have been. I may have misheard


Capping of tax relief on private health insurance!!


Dirt increase to 41% is to increase spending in the economy - just like I stated.


cutting pension fund levy from 0.6% to 0.15%, from end of 2014.


or maybe increase saving to compensate for reduced return. :wink:


Instead of abolishing it which was promised - scum.


For everyone? or just “higher earners”?


Seems like everyone


To be fair, he did say he was abolishing it. This is going to be a brand new levy! :smiley: :unamused:


Sneaky Scum