Budget 2014


Sounded like abolishing the 6% levy at end of 2014 but introducing s new levy of 1.5% from Start of 2014.

Ie 7.5 For 2014??


An Post, whose rates are DIRT free, will no doubt be dropped again to keep bank rates competitive


It’s tax on unused wealth.
It seems to apply to everyone regardless of age or income.


Okay. Does PRSI still apply in addition to DIRT? i.e is the effective rate now typically 45%?


All Budget data now up



That was my take on it except it was 0.15 so 0.75 for 2014 :sick:


Another 50c on a bottle of Wine, what has the baldy one got against wine drinkers? Jaysus!


PRSI never applied unless you earned more than something like 3K a year in interest or were self-employed.


budget.gov.ie/Budgets/2014/Docum … asures.pdf


Don’t know but he sure likes the shopkeepers of Newry.


“Home renovation tax incentive scheme to be introduced”



budget.gov.ie/Budgets/2014/Docum … asures.pdf


But it is used, by the banks and their clients and I’m charging them less for the use of it than the international money markets would. It would only be unused if it were kept under my mattress and then the government wouldn’t be taxing it.


Edit. Further info pg 29

budget.gov.ie/Budgets/2014/Docum … asures.pdf


Listening to this clown bullsh*t about all our supposed savings is making my ears bleed.


Ok, so it is 41% for all for DIRT.

PRSI was supposed to apply to deposit interest from 1 January 2014 as per budget 2013. Has that gone out the window?


Looks like it - nice username btw :smiley:


I think that’s the Howler, not Baldy?


Ok, thanks.

What about PRSI on dividend income and rental income, is that going to be applied as planned from 1 January 2014?

Not a single mention of PRSI by Noonan.


Thanks, didn’t realise the budget text was out.