Budget 2014


Well its all part of the job creation plan - revenue will have to hire more staff.


A question - does the tax free allowance cover this or is it only related to income tax? What about USC?

Thank you!
(Elderly relative with savings=tax return=pain in the ass…).


If the banks don’t take the PRSI at source this will be a flop for the Gov, as it will be largely ignored by your average PAYE won’t have the knowledge nor inclination to start filling out tax returns. And Revenue won’t be arsed looking for it off Joe Soap due to the small amounts


There may be more under 1,000 but they will come with less benefits.

Weren’t insurers suppposed to be coming out with new tailored packages? i.e. you start with a bare bones package and add on whichever extras you want. Should keep costs down


If PAYE workers are receiving rental income don’t they have to file a tax return for that?


Yes. My premise here is towards PRSI on DIRT only


I can’t see how this will actually work.

Garda have no right to ask you where your coming or going unless they suspect you have committed a crime or are about to commit one???

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They rely on the ignorance of the general public to do this.


If Boards.ie is a microcosm of public opinion, then there is widespread approval for these Gardai actions whether they are legal or not.


It’s not illegal but this along with other tax collection activities which are foisted on to the shoulders of the police force undermine their role as defenders of the peace in society.
You have be a fairly confident person to refuse to answer a question posed to you by a Garda.

Could be worse though. At least they are not beating the heads off people walking down the street like they do in Spain. Not much of a consolation though.


I was under the impression that they need to have an official from the revenue department or other government agency to provide such a reason for stopping people and checking their status, tax evasion IS a crime.


The Gardai have the power to stop you and ask your name and address, the DSP official does not. If the DSP official is standing beside the Garda at the time then they now have reason to believe you are working when perhaps you are claiming as well. Don’t see anywhere that the Gardai are getting powers to ask more than stated above…


Their role is more than defenders of the peace…


Garda Síochána agus an fear a bhailiú cáin


No, they don’t unless they have reasonable cause or suspicion.

Mind you, they’ll just make it up as they go along.


If boards.ie is a microcosm of public optimism we’re all fscked anyway.


Must admit that I’m not a legal eagle but in many cases companies and individuals use letters using big words and threats as bully boy intimidation in the hope the person on the receiving end folds. In many cases it works

I once dealt with a service provider who was very fond of making up quotes on contract law and trespassing/criminal damage as he went along. I consulted with a compliance officer in work (woo hoo, free legal advice 8DD ) and was in a position to tell him to fuck off.

Also helped a friend out who was being threatened with legal action from another crowd. I pointed out they’d breached data protection legislation about 5 times in the letter they sent him, helped him draft a response and hey presto no further response (FWIW I wasn’t being an asshole, the company were totally in the wrong)

Alas most people just get a fright and fold


Early start for home renovation scheme

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Beat you to it!


Some questions in the thread whether the Gardai can do even that… But what if the DSP official and Garda follow you home, DSP official takes a look at your kids and decides they don’t look like yours, then the Garda can remove the kids for DNA tests and in the process get the other info. They have the kids as hostage too in case you decide to make a run for it.

Even if you don’t have kids, the DSP official might just decide your wife/husband doesn’t look like she/he would really have freely married you and should be taken into protective custody for some questioning and her/his own protection (could have been trafficked in as part of white slave trade).