Budget 2019


And we’re off! The first of the Budget 2019 submissions are hitting media desks across the country.

Here’s Social Ireland’s kick attempt at your pocket

Increase in level of taxation is ‘unavoidable’ says Social Justice Ireland
Think tank says more revenue needed to maintain current public services
irishtimes.com/news/social- … -1.3520022

Increase the dole at a time of near full employment!
More money for health of course.
800,000 people live in poverty…that’s 1 in 5 or so!

I give this submission a D-


The 800,000 (16.5%) comes from the 2016 Survey on Income and Living Conditions


Interesting that we are far from the worst in Europe on this measure, only 0.1% behind Germany and 0.4% behind Sweden. Is 1 in 6 at risk of poverty real or a matter of definition and how can the ‘ordinary joe’ tell?



Not sure what you mean by “real”.

There are various well-defined measures.

combatpoverty.ie/povertyinir … overty.htm


it may be ‘defined’ but the deprivation index is a joke

In relation to the

Id agree with most of the items, except an increase in SW payments
For direct provision,giving the opportunity to work is better than handouts


Only 21 Dáil sitting days between now and Budget Day on 9 October


ESRI sees little scope for cutting taxes in the Budget

rte.ie/news/2018/0619/97150 … ax_burden/


Saw this summit on the 9pm news…it was a full house and reminded me of the worst days of the Celtic tiger when every un-elected quango and it’s dog had a say in policy and a subsequent piece of the pie

rte.ie/news/ireland/2018/06 … -dialogue/


Ministers always say they are listening but in my experience, the mandarins get to paraphrase and filter the data and findings in briefing notes and minutes which are referred to when decisions are made and signatures placed. Therein lies real power.


Kites flying high

€1K ‘Granny Grant’ proposed for grandparents who help with childcare
Social welfare payment may not increase in Budget 2019
Donohoe pledges to reduce tax burden on ‘gradual’ basis
Government highly likely to widen 20% tax band in 2019 budget
Government proposals could mean more money in your pocket after this year’s budget


Apparently CSO have no idea how many grandparents there are in the state because it’s not asked on the census form. Also, could be 4 claimants per child. Loadza money.


Ross is a cretin. Granny grants my eye. :frowning:


Could they even restrict it to grandparents in the state? I’ll be filling in the forms for the non-resident in-laws if this happens BD


Householders face a rise in their fuel bills in the upcoming Budget after Taoiseach Leo Varadkar signalled plans to increase carbon tax


I think the Granny Grant is a great idea. And I sadly have no available granny for childcare. I can appreciate how fiscally conservatives oppose the move but keep an eye on the Leftists. On Radio 1 they were immediately out against it citing how ‘we need to be more like Sweden. We need more state childcare’

Sweden is a low birth rate, high migrant, cluster fuck of a society. It is not something we should be aiming to copy. But Leftists would prefer strangers to look after children rather than extended family members. Anything that promotes traditional family roles annoys them. It is entirely appropriate that our society should support the childcare options that actually are used. Particularly when having grandparents where possible involved in their grandchildren’s lives is good for the children, good for the grandparents and good for society. It is entirely appropriate to incentivise this.



The fewer people, the better. :smiley:

We should not pay people to breed. Instead, we should tax those who do breed.


Well too late, Ireland’s role as an up and coming population factory for the over burdened states of the EU has been well laid out. (indeed, one could argue it was the major contributory factor behind the 2008 bust, and the bond holder bailout). The population growth just keeps on giving, it certainly would hit 5 million by the next census.



Govt needs to recoup taxes from low-emissions vehicles.

LOL, the govt was never in it to reduce tax take from motor propelled vehicles.

Carbon tax needs to go.


Budget 2019: Cut stamp duty on sites for first time buyers

irishtimes.com/business/fin … -1.3594670


Fianna Fáil calls for €100m affordable housing scheme in budget

irishtimes.com/news/politic … -1.3594010


And Willie O’Dea wants the OAP raised by €5 per week again
newsworldlatest.com/ffs-willie-o … -heats-up/