Budget 2020


Time to start a Budget 2020 thread I think, with some talk this week, esp. around Brexit planning

October’s Budget will involve a package worth €2.8 billion, Finance Minister Paschal Donohoe said as he published the Government’s Summer Economic Statement today.

However, €2.1 billion of that is already pre-committed to current and capital spending plans, which leaves just €700m to be allocated on budget day on October 8.

This is three weeks before Britain is due to leave the European Union.


Plan to raise the threshold for the higher PAYE rate was widely signalled, but what makes me grind my teeth is that this hasn’t budged in years. In order to stem inflation it should be near 50k NOW.

Net benefit of raising to 50k for a PAYE worker is €100 a month.



Budget 2020 Tax Strategy Group Papers


Willie O’Dea will be baying in the Dail if Pensioners don’t get their annual fiver. Every year without fail.