Budget 2023

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Summer Economic Statement: Key points

  • Budget 2023 will see €6.7 billion of new spending and taxation measures, an increase of €1.7 billion
  • Core spending will total €85.8 billion next year, an 6.5 per cent increase
  • €1.05 billion has been earmarked for taxation measures, double the expected amount
  • Planned changes to tax bands and credits will aim to ensure workers are not “dragged” into higher levels of taxation due to wage inflation. The exact change to tax bands was not detailed
  • There will be €2.7 billion for new spending on any once-off measures to tackle the cost of living, increases to social welfare payments and a new public pay deal
  • €400 million of this has been earmarked for spending measures – including action on the cost-of-living – that could kick-in before the end of 2022
  • A further €3 billion will be used to cover extra spending to respond to demographic changes, the National Development Plan (NDP) and existing public sector pay commitments

One wonders :thinking: is that 3 Billin’ rescue fund deck chair for post-irish-coivds given to the Ukrainians climbing aboard, for a rest like, now classed also as extra spending too?

Announcing it July 4th ahead of Budget Day September 27th ahead of implementing most measures from Jan 2023…

I’m used to kite flying but must be the first Pre Budget Budget?

You also gotta remember 4th July is when The Revolutionaries celebrate more of less the kicking the Menace in the Balls and you can’t be reminding people of the formula for lifting Menace oppression - it’s been a War of Revenge on the Free ever since and we’re all Colnoists now. :icon_beer:

I like this idea. Change the bands to go from 0, 20, 40 to 0, 20, 30, 40.

Depends what rate they set the bands at. Paying 400 less a year won’t cut it

Dramatic headline, The Commission on Taxation and Welfare always gives all options for Govt, from realistic to never gonna happen


1/7 The Council has just published its Pre-Budget 2023 Statement. You can read it at https://t.co/4wRpBbs6ci pic.twitter.com/3iV5CYXOsE

— Irish Fiscal Advisory Council (@fiscalcouncil) August 31, 2022

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Using my pattered read the last first method, expect things to get even worse:

“My message to students to parents, to families in general, is that help is on it way,” he added.


Jane Holland :cherry_blossom: MD PhD @drjaneholland 1h

Replying to @LeoVaradkar @FineGael

All you do is grab more & more & more in tax (from us, not from companies!) and then give a tiny, tiny little bit of it back. While giving how much elsewhere? How much to Ukraine? How much to NGOs? How much in R&D grants to multinationals?

Halloween has come early


Serious body tell their from one of the LARP’ers - did you spot it?

I’m terrible at body language. McEntee’s grimace at the end?

She nods her head NO as she says… “this budget is all about the cost of living”, she doesn’t believe a word she is saying, at least death warmed up on the right is able to get his head nods on time with the correct setting, but his jazz hands and wide eyed “whoa dude… I can’t believe I’m still peddling such facile shyte and getting paid” entree over-expression is not much better.

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