Budget 2024

I see kites and sweeties for all…

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"It is a very challenging environment with a very, very significant increase in population in the country over the last number of years.

If only there was a way to make this budget less tough :thinking:

I thought Ireland was awash with money? No

What about the Corporation Tax windfall. That half the World seem to want to lay claim on

It has been spent on half the world


money for ukrainians, africans, bloated health spending, gender bollixology and NGO spending but nothing left for John Q taxpayer… I do believe the incompetence levels of this government is off the scale, worse than biffos bollixes circa 2008, can’t even lie effectively at this stage…

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Martin was part of that government too and he is still slithering around today snake that he is. Sorry meant to reply to the person who referenced Cowans government

As was E Ryan.

Meatloaf used to say, :musical_note:2 out of 3 ain’t bad :musical_note:

Yes I had forgotten about him

What surplus.

The menace are refusing to let this drop. Means testing of child benefit will work like this.

Middle class Irish person who pays taxes? :x:
Migrant just off the plane? :white_check_mark:

I cant see this coming to pass. It wss mooted before around 2010 maybe? and I remember being worried I would be cut off. But it was a political landmine. Interesting times ahead.

ya completely untenable I expect, FG have really given up at this stage, evrey time Leo opens his mouth he loses votes, complete liability

Thinking about it again now, the argument was something along the lines of vulberable women and children would be at risk, due to the payment usually being made to the mother

Is it not the case that child benefit as it stands won’t be changed (for the moment anyway) but “de most vulnerable” will just get more free cash?

Fine Gael/Fianna Fail led by the Greens increase the population, without public mandate, and put an invite out to the World to come to Ireland.

Then shakedown Paddy and Mary to get the funding for it


Menace always makes you pay for your own downfall.

The Irish are being told they will have to pay for their replacements.

But the increased population is only here until the war in Ukraine is over, isn’t it Micheal?