Budget Cuts Media Onslaught begins?

Reading the Sundo Indo this morning, I am taken by the onslaught by various government ministers and their lackeys regarding the need for ‘massive’ cuts in the forthcoming budget. This appears to be a whole new departure from the usual “we’ll be alright when the world economy picks up” line that has been taken to date. Fear has set in.

I do note that Martin Mansergh recently attended an IMF conference in Turkey. I wonder whether somebody had words with him regarding the expanding government deficit and the possibility that Irish Government bond auctions would not be so well supported in future unless something was done about government spending. Subsequent to this, La Harney mentions the IMF bogeyman and the spin commences.

Even our old friend Brendan O’Conner is on a downer with negative equity.

The “ask not what your country can do for you” crowd are dusting off their tired old saws, putting their “you’ve never had it so good” back on the shelf, and knuckling down for a hard winter (part 1 of 3…).

Personally, I think the scales have fallen from some eyes about NAMA and long dated debt is going to be difficult to find given the rate of overpayment.

independent.ie/national-news … 17198.html

Looks like the more hardline approach from the DoF (and articulated daily by Lenny) is startig to become the dominant msg.

Up until now, it was a case of not startling either the Lisbon or GP PfG horses, but with both of those hurdles safely overcome, it looks like the entire cabinet are on choreographed message i.e. cuts they are a-coming.

Deeply Troubling.

Christ almighty!! I wouldn’t send Mansergh down to the shop for a litre of milk and he gets sent to an IMF conference to represent us.

This government truly is a talent vacuum.

He has a plumby accent as he attended Kings School Canterbury and Christ Church Oxford.
He was useful in the discussions with his old school chums in the peace process. He is probably sent to various functions like the IMF to demonstrate the connected, cultured aspect of Ireland.

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