Budget cuts of €4.3bn per Eamonn ÓCuiv

Just heard on Newstalk that apparently ÓCuiv let slip that this is the amount of cuts due in the budget.
Eamonn isn’t as dumb as he sometimes lets on I would suspect this is to see how bad the public reaction will be

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I get my news from the Tuam Herald, just double checked the latest edition…and no mention of any such figure…you must have misheard. :smiley:

You’re living in a vacuum Rimbaud.


He told the local FFers in Galway that it was €4.5bn last week, todays number is smaller.

It’s all just spin, let it “slip” out like this and reduce the negative impact when the time comes…

cuts or cuts and taxes

I don’t know about that. This is Eamonn Ó Cuiv we’re talking about.

That’s what I was wondering.

It’s not enough if it is cuts and taxes -
promised deficit reduction - 3bn
increase in interest cost due to bank bailout - 1.7bn
Cuts/income required to stick to plan - 4.7bn

My guess is that it’s cuts, with 3.3 bn coming on the capital side, 1 bn on current spend, and then a few hundred million raised in extra taxes and charges to bring the total up to 5 bn (i.e. exceed expectations).

Indeed. I’m surprised the rest of the Cabinet let him know the actual figure.

I always imagined him sitting at the cabinet table with his favourite colouring book & a pack of Smarties to keep him occupied. :smiley:

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Check out the new fandangled printing press:


Tuam Herald - We’re committed to hard copy.

Whoever does their typesetting is a little “eccentric”!

…but but but the National Development Plan said…

If they cut capital spending again, they will be sending the signal to the market that we have no inention of modernising our infrastructure in order to make us competitive, so our economy will never recover because it will continue to fall further behind those economies that are investing in themselves.
This is akin to someone losing their job, and selling their car and suits/clothes, and foregoing any training course just so they can afford SkySports at home. you might be happy in the short-term, but in the long-term XX

You might want to look at what the NDP spends on:
ndp.ie/documents/ndp2007-201 … ummary.pdf
(The, eh, 68 page executive summary )

More than 50% is on soft projects… guess which bits will be cut? You bet. The actually build stuff…

“Tell me when will you spend mine?
Tell me quango, quango, quango…”

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