Budget? .... if we're lucky!

Its has been suggested to me that the Government might not even be able to frame a budget but once NAMA gets in Fianna Fail don’t care.

I don’t think they want to be remembered for swingeing cuts, they’d prefer to be out of it. I’ve a notion they’ll ward off the worst of it just long enough for it to be their successor’s problem.

Might account for the sudden rush to get the bill though all stages as quickly as possible after all the tardiness of the last 6 months. When’s the budget again? Early December? A good time for the government to collapse.

Could they have got wind of the fact that the ECB maybe about to start closing down the repo window. Trichet said that there would be no more 1 year facilities and refused to be drawn on the future of the 3,6 and 9 month facilities. Could the ECB acquiescence to the NAMA bond repo merry go round have an expirary date which is soon coming up? The equation seems to have changed in the last few weeks. And without the ECB bond merry go round there can be no NAMA funfair.

You may be right. The ECB is thinking about an exit strategy.


Maybe Fianna Fail is also?

There is no date mentioned in the ECB article.

Why is this thread Pistoned?

Something is afoot with the whole NAMA boondoggle and I think we may get some interesting news sooner rather than later from the EMU / EU Comission that with negate most if not all of NAMA. Then its back to square one and a whole year plus wasted…

The game is about to change again.

Nationalized banks and a government of national unity anybody? 2010 is squaring up to make 2008 look like a dull year.

Because it is aload of horse manure.

Horse manure is great stuff, it can improve the quality of roses no end.

Enough of the metaphors.

The point is that jmc has posited the possibility that FF will not want to frame a budget or that they will not get it passed because the representatives of ‘the plain people of Ireland’ are not going to vote for their constituants getting less. This would lead to a general election and probably a change of government.

This has been the basic fianna fail survival strategy since the founding of the state. Screw up the economy by their massive givaways and let the idiots in fine gael and labour clean it up. In the present circumstances, I suspect that thats what they are thinking.

Fine gael will come in and try to tidy up the financial mess and will subsequently spend 30 years in opposition as the general public will blame them for all the cuts. It certainly will not be easy for any incoming government to tidy things up if the ECB decides to remove its support from failing banks/economies.

I think pistoning this thread may turn out to be a mistake.

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Exactly… its in the soup now.

Then divulge your source. We can’t have unattributed unlinked material on the 'pin, can we?

I suspect I know who it is and his track record is less than ropey.

It’s a nonsensical topic, of course there will be a budget, it may or may not be designed to topple the government but there will be a budget.

End of.

Then let the IMF come in and sort it out and make it known why they are invited in as in because of FFs fu**-up and scaming.