Budget measures 'may top €3 billion'


It was only a matter of time before we heard this from BL…Now the fun begins!

So, whose getting hit here and by how much. :angry:

Kids and sick people.

Can someone explain to me why we are aiming for 3BN when the deficit is 20BN?

We are part of a common currency now and inflation and/or a devaluation is not a solution anymore.

How will the Croke park agreement hold up against this statement… Pay cuts in the PS are surely on the cards again?

When they said “the agreement would become null &void if the countries financial situation worsened” or something to that affect,

Can they say we passed that line now?

Only €17 billion to go.

2009 €24 billion and the government cut €4 billion.
2010 €20 billion and the government cuts €3 billion

extrapolating at €3 billion a year from here on in …

2011 €17 billion and the government cuts €3 billion.
2012 €14 billion and the government cuts €3 billion.
2013 €11 billion and the government cuts €3 billion.
2014 € 8 billion and the government cuts €3 billion.
2015 € 5 billion and the government cuts €3 billion.
2016 € 2 billion and the government cuts €2 billion. (Just in time for the 1916 commorations)

So, instead of cutting €24 billion in one fell swoop, they do it over 8 years.
This adds an ***additional ***(€20 + €17 + €14 + €11 + €8 + €5 + €2) **€77 billion **to the national debt.

No comment necessary !

Jaysus H. The mind boggles. :open_mouth:

Yet still 14% unemployment!

If only we had a stimulus package!

Agreed, I know that they cant just take the full 20bn out as this would be impossible but surely if they’d have taken 5-6bn every year starting 2009 we d be in a better place. But what do i know.

Just wait till we have a harmonised Corpo tax rate! :nin

Although this extrapolation may be clear to most on the pin. It is yet another fact that the general populace haven’t grasped.

It should be another nail in the FF coffin but people don’t really see past thinking, how will the budget affect me.

I see the Vintners were on Good Moaning this morning telling us that cutting VAT and excise on pubs is the way forward… get your pre-budget submission in now…

They should get in ahead of the possy and introduce a long johns levy before the winter sets in. This will be one of the few booming markets in Ireland in the winter of 2010.

this is a class quote from the RTE article:

Earlier, the EU’s economics affairs commissioner, Olli Rehn, urged Ireland to act ruthlessly with a ‘rigorous approach’ to tightening public finances, amid continuing concerns over the banking sector.

whuy dont we just gas the sick, poor, unemployed, foreigners, privatise the health education systems etc? Let teh free hand of the market decide if u should starve to death!! the money saved will keep Anglo on its feet for another month

For brave lenihan , and well he deserves that name, will hit the poorest hardest. hes a patriot u know XX

I’m surprised they’re not pushing for off-licenses to be abolished BD

I think you forgot the interest servicing cost on the additional debt? :nin

You’re assuming that tax revenue will remain static and that Ireland will remain in the shitter for the next 7 years.

It’s Monday, allow him a little optimism will ya!

that’s my giggle for the day.

We can stop borrowing now as easily as we can stop paying public servants. ( The two are pretty much the same )

Story on this very point in today’s IT. SIPTU certainly seem to be anticipating possible movement on Croke Park:

irishtimes.com/newspaper/ire … 58597.html