Build Back Bertie

Batman & Robin

Maybe that recent Royston Brady piece was a warm up for the Build Back Bertie spruce goose headlines of yesterday for a Batman and Robin come back.

The gift of his Bert’s patented Boom Factor are hard to resist from Prime Minister in Slime.

The distractions are getting distracter
The kites are gettin higher
The desperation is getting desperater
The sick are getting sicker
The thick are getting thicker
The mick is getting micker
But could The Boom™
Begotten Boomer™ again?
The Menace be gettin’ Menacer
Is wot and wotter, tis’
Worse and worser and worserer
The Gift that keeps on Gaffin’!

“I am conscious of the contribution he has made to peace in the country… and that’s (Mr Ahern’s return to the party is) something in the fullness of time we can look at.”

Does Mehole mean the pieces that this crook left the country in after he drove it to bankruptcy?

With reports from Fianna Fáil’s think-in of Bertie Ahern getting a welcome return to the party, it’s worth taking a relook at how he handled an interview as recently as 2018. (He walked out of the interview, a first for


The finance minister with no bank account.