Builder of €12m home sues owner for payment

My God, the vulgarity.

Brooks has stakes or owns some significant commercial properties in London.

Sunday Times Rich List


Worth: £85m (€108m)
Source of wealth: Property

A Brooks Properties has been grown by Brooks, 38, into a business that owns premises such as Chanel in London’s Bond Street, and whose value jumped in 2006 to £60m. His stake in Sloane Capital, with John Magnier (qv) and JP McManus (qv), is about £25m.


Ranking: 123=
Worth: £72m
Source of wealth: Property

That’s a shame, I’ve worked with the builders and they’re decent enough - they actually want to make good buildings.

The overall house is pretty vulgar, but the pool is unlike anything within three hundred miles:

The floor of the pool rises when it isn’t in use.

Beats the usual marble-spattered faux-classical orangeries the rich and truly vulgar favour.

Naughton has one is his Meath pile.

So your telling me that they empty the water when “they dont want it” and then waste that much water to fill it again!!!

When ever they want!!!

How did anyone ever give planning for such a horrendous waste of water

Now that is DISGUSTING

I guess some people should pay water charges…

I doubt it. Either the overflow is stored somewhere, the rising floor is porous, or it doesn’t ‘rise up’ as described. Anything else would be disgusting.

The floor is porous. It rises to make the pool safe when it isn’t in use (and to make the pool area usable space), instead of using a cover which can still pose a safety hazard.

And yes, I’d imagine they can do that “whenever they want!!!”, the decadent swine.


I want one

come the revolution it would be a nice place to relax in my che guevara speedos after a hard days work executing former FF taoisigh, friedmanite economists, and die hard libertarians :angry:

It’d be nice alright, sitting in your sun lounger on the floor, ya feel a bit warm from the sun so clamp your hands and the chair starts slowly lowering into some nice pool water :slight_smile: