Builders balk at affordable housing

Discraceful… … e_id=15605

I spoke with someone involved high up in the Affordable housing system in DCC not so long ago. He didn’t hide the absolute disgust he had for the penny pinching developers. … rdable.htm

looks like they out did themselves…

Don’t this sound like the builders are shooting themselves in the foot by abandoning supply of newly built houses to councils via Affordable schemes/Initiatives?

Wasn’t the get out clause for builders when they couldn’t sell was that they could flog them to the councils and the govt would get all praise for delivering ‘affordable housing’ and yet keep the illusion the market was fine as houses would ‘sell’?

It sounds to me now the death knell for those Affordable Housing Initiatives and everyone that wants an affordable will just have to bide their time till the council build the houses themselves.

Then again on the flip side of the coin, the builder wants to help sell a house t make it ‘attractive’ by saying to a prospective purchaser with snobbish intentions…‘ah well, there will be no affordable/social housing in this estate your buying into’

Something doesn’t add up on todays news!

I’m not defending developers here but why should they be singled out to provide for Social and Affordable housing? The 20% has just been added on to the cost of the remaining 80% of the units that were sold to the public.

When you look at it, just becouse developers have made huge profits (not arguing the right or wrongs of this) doesn’t mean they should have to pay an extra tax.

Why then aren’t Tribunal Lawyers asked to pay an extra 20% to help put underpriviledged kids through law school? Or why wasn’t Denis O’Brien asked to pay an extra 20% to subsidise telephones for the poor?

Spot on - the whole affordable housing scam is nothing more than a tax on the people who do buy a new house. If the government had to pay full market rate for affordable housing they might have got off their arses and sorted out housing costs years ago (or at least felt some of the pain directly).

Instead, using a hair brained PR stunt, they managed to increase the costs to the builder which was immediately passed on to the buyer (who didn’t care much either, since they just borrowed it).

What a scam - get the public to borrow for government spending. :imp: