Building 7 - Do you see it Fall?


A Demolition Expert is shocked to learn footage of building 7 collapsing is the same day as World Trade Centres.

(begs the quesiton, did you know about Building 7?)

Oddly enough

BBC Reported Building 7 Had Collapsed 20 Minutes Before It Fell
Revealing, shocking video shows reporter talking about collapse with WTC 7 still standing in background, Google removes clip … lding7.htm


Watch & Listen as the BBC reporter & anchor discuss the Collapse of Buidlign 7 (Salamon Buidling) while it is still standing in the background!

I’ve seen this suggested to be a Bluescreen but the lighting is natural and is at the same angle to the buildings in the background. LKooks fairly natural to my eye. You need to be in a studio for Bluescreen to work properly were lighting and colours can be controlled. You can see as she reaches back that she is in fact in a buidling as light and shadow is cast on here hand.

See for yourself.

o note, they loose the line to the NY BBC reporter at the end of this video a few mintues before building 7 actually collapses, now we wouldn’t want to see that caputred by the BBC camera after they had reported the event before the fact!


The FALL of Buidling 7 … lapse2.mpg

Lots more videos you didn’t see on teh day. … #building7

Interviews with firfighters you didn’t see. … ehouse.mpg


I remember watching bbc news the night of 11th september and there was a lot of confusion around smaller towers around the big two falling or about to fall. Overnight it was unsure if the surrounding buildings were structurally sound.

I don’t buy any of those conspiracy theories. There’s another one about missiles hitting the buildings and not planes.


The point was a 3rd bulding (WTC 7) collapsed that day as well. It has been completely under reported and most people didn’t know about it, I know I dind’t for about 3 years. (see what the official report says about it)

The owner of the WTC complex admitted on PBS TV that the Fire Dept pulled it down (?). He’s also the guy who got not 1 but 2 record payouts on insurance as both plane hits were regarded as seperate events.

Don’t believe me, go follow the story of building 7 for you will see. If you simply focus on that one pasrt of the puzzle I think you’ll find it compelling to say the least. Find out what was in that building.

BTW the missles are probably in reference to the attack on the pentagon.

Then thers the odd story of the 5 Israels reported to police in NY dancing while watching the event who were secretly deported from the US and then appeared on Israeli TV… one of them said “we were theyre to film the events…”

Go find that.


It wasnt “completely under reported”. I was in the New York area that day and watching live coverage of the events on american news channels, they all reported the fall of building 7.


Yea on the day. Thats about it. It practically got no coverage. I saw it live, I was eating a tuna sandwich sitting at home on a dya off. I saw no buidling 7 colapse and I watched for hours.

What about the 5 cars & truck found abandoned in a tunnel under the WTC with over $200 million dollars worth of gold loaded on? What happened to the rest of teh gold thast went missing?

Why was a BUSH family memeber on the board of the company entrusted with Security for the WTC.

What caused the lower floor & basement damage (broken windows, bodies strune) that greeted fire fighters when they enterd the buidling. The planes hit the higher floors.

Why did the buildings fall atr Free Fall speed? The speed at which only demolited buidlings are recorded to fall at, since all structural resistance is removed simultaneouly by high charged explosives.

Why was NORAD runing war games with 28 bogies in the sky (to confuse air traffic control)

In the 7.7 bombings in London there was a massive training exercise on the very same day using the very same potential targets. Except the trainning exercise suddenly became real. Do you not find that odd? it is documented by ITV

Its goes on and on…

Does it not stirck anyone that when they witnessed those 2 buildings falling they were seeing a complete mechnical failure of a building technology that had implcaitons for the global stock of sky scrapers?

No. Well it wasn’t a mechnical failure.

The best place to hide a secret is out in the open.


Looks like we have an explosives and demolition expert on the Property Pin :laughing:


Oh Jesus :unamused:

OW I don’t have the energy but take a look on in the conspiracy theories forum, all of these theories have been soundly dismissed by various experts.

This alone refutes many of your points - … 27842.html

BTW are you an engineer? Are you a demolition expert?


I’m not an expert but we all know about “experts” here right.

Knowledge is for those willing to know.


Actually, maybe I owe you an apology. You got me thinking about that day back in 2001 when I was watching events live on american news channels and as I said I remembered them announcing that building 7 had fallen. Now that I cast my mind back I remember the MSNBC journalist Chris Matthews asking the reporter who was on the scene, to confirm the rumour that the fire department knocked building 7 as a safety precaution!! So I think youre probably right on that.

It looks like the fire department did demolish the building as a safety precaution for the rescuers who were going to be working underneath it in the rubble of the other two. Seeing as theyd just lost a load of firefighters when the main buildings collapsed on top of them, thats understandable. And yes they havent publicly admitted that. But that doesnt imply a huge conspiracy involved in the terrorist attacks themselves.


That’s why we have the Piston Broke. You don’t have to look Let alone read. Regarding your link, I am very familiar with he popular mechanics rebuttal of a select 16 points. Comprehensive rebuttal for such a massive event there lads!

There is some shocking stuff in that in terms of down right mis direction. Starting off with the pod theory, that’s ones of the least impressive assertions and I myself would ignore that as it worthless since its not a very strong case on its own, maybe a tiny part of a piece of the puzzle in what was a massive event. Its not often the US is attacked you know.

The whole story doesn’t really add up TBH. I accepted it for many many years without question because frankly I wasn’t interested, but what you accept is the awe of the event, the spectacle that’s all.

It’s much too simple. PLANE – BANG#1 PLANE BANG#2, Fall #1, Fall #1 PH MY GOD, IT was Usama oh we mean Osama Bin Laden him lets get him!

It’s very much like the property bubble. It simple about how much you are willing to believe where you draw the line to keep your sanity. Why would you believe the main stream media when the exercise we witness each day here shows the media to be less than perfect.

So the collapse of building 7 changed my attitude. It’s an interesting story and no where as simple as POP Mech would have you believe. There are 100’s of other more important points. I like to listen to the firefighters, who were on the ground, they guys who are dying from the effects of asbestos poisoning. The fact they delayed the radio tapes of the emergency services finally show many years later they encountered very ordinary fires. Nothing they thought they couldn’t handle.

It’s a simple exercise to see who has benefited and you will see.

Was it Osama Bin Laden Strategy, whom initially denied any involvement, to draw the US into the Middle East and begin another global war, WWIII?

Why do we double think ourselves into comfy corners? We’ve been sold a turd.

here is the wiki ref to OBL

Eh hello?

One of These Things Is Not Like The Other

Having spent many years studying the human body, and of being reasonably sound human mind I can tell you your nose does not shorten & narrow when you smile nor does your hair line move forward or your face fatten. The man on the left has a completely different skull shape in comparison to the man on the left. yet this was enough prove to go and invade not 1 but 2 countires. Last time that happened, well we all know where that went…

*PIC on right is from found video found by US troops in Afghanistan tape of supposed confession. *

Now with these super low quality images I’ve quickly matched them up to be as cloe in sngle and size as possible to make a direct comparison.


Thats the story alright. That the fire depatment demolished it. However that theory mainly gained ground when the owner Larry Silverstein admited that he decided or gave permisssion to the NYFD to “pull” the building… here watch this…

There was utter panic in NY, the US was underattack, the 2 tallest WTC buidlings had collapsed, thousands of people dead, hundreds of thousands of people being evacuated and in the middle of all this the Fire Dept had the time to pinpoint WTC7 contact its owner have a quick chat to only then ready the building for a text book demolition?

When did larry Silversteing the owner, give the go ahead, 2 mins after the 2nd WTC building had fallen, a few hours later giving them maybe 30 mins to get organised…from my understanding and having seen the odd documentary on demoliton it takes days if not at least 2 weeks to get something like that organised properly. There is much preparation work so it falls straight down and not sideways.

According to the experts,

Thats from poular mechincs. So who is right, your memory or these experts?

You said the NYFD did it. I never knew it fell. The guys at poular mechnics say it was a crappily designed building

(I noted the link n pop mechincs the - makes you wonder, military law indeed)

Of course Larry Silverstein could have been referring to pulling out the fir fighters.

A former German minister has his own take


level Headed non hysterical engineers and scientists considering the detials of the collapse

This is the first time I’ve seen Kevin Ryan speak.


I thought it took weeks to wire up a building for a controlled demolition?


I remember someone on the news said that the vibrations from the planes hitting the WTC towers could have weakened the foundations of building 7.

There were important documents kept in WTC7, relating to who the USA owes money to, or gold, I’ll have to check it out further.


Debunking the 9/11 Myths: Special Report … 6#bigplane

9/11 “conspiracy” theories challenged by Cambridge research

9/11 demolition theory challenged

It looks like the original investigators did a poor job of explaining how the building collapsed, they did not fully understand all the dynamics involved, and, since the explanations did not stack up 100% this gave rise to conspiracy theories.


Fires that burned approx 1 hour respectively managed to bring down 2 buildings and then a third a few hours later?

Yeah steel warps when its heated. That is well know, designers of building know this, however the temp for it to melt is as follows,

“Melted” Steel

However it has been show that the fires were not hot enough to even do this on the floors where they ongoing.

The vast majority of the the 2 buildings were not on fire. You just can’t ignore that. Yet the entire structured failed becasue of localised fires and brought 2 buidlings to the ground in 10 seconds FLAT!

If you want to get to the crux of how it was done simplye search for




heres a tip: go search footage that caught ecvidence of molten steel eminating from the wtc.


The Enterprise crew discusses 9/11, War, Fascism in America and the

911 Trek


Conspiracy nuts ranting about “Building 7” infiltrate the Bill Maher show going out live on HBO. Maher loses his cool and ejects them himself.