Building 7 - Do you see it Fall?


As BioPort secured its control over the only licensed anthrax vaccine producer in the country in 1998, New York’s emergency crisis manager and bioterrorism expert, Jerome Hauer, was busy working and making doomsday contingency plans from his “bunker” on the 23rd floor of World Trade Center Building 7.

Put on the job by then-NY Mayor Rudy Giuliani in 1996, Hauer had previously managed worldwide emergency response for technology giant IBM. He also was an adviser to the Justice Department, had briefed President Clinton on bioterror threats and was known to “consult regularly with Scotland Yard and the Israeli military.” It was reportedly Hauer’s idea to locate the city’s emergency management office at Building 7, even though placing it there was considered controversial at the time due to the 1993 World Trade Center bombings, bombings that were later revealed to have disturbing links to the FBI.

In 1999, the New York Times would describe Hauer’s job as “sitting around all day thinking up horrifying ways for things to be destroyed and people to die.” It would also note that Hauer described his expertise regarding specific emergency situations as follows: “helicopter crash, subway fire, water main break, ice storm, heat wave, blackout, building collapse, building collapse, building collapse.” His obsession with building collapses even led him to house “trophies” of the building collapses he had overseen and responded to. How odd then that Hauer’s multi-million dollar “bunker” itself would later fall victim to building collapse, falling into its own footprint in 7 seconds on September 11, 2001.


Mar 4th, 2001


Sep, 1999



I am seriously speechless at the sheer stupidity / mendacity necessary to make that video … and to post it here uncritically. Do you take us for five year olds? Two clouds of grey dust … therefore nukes?

The nuke cloud rises upward. The WTC debris cloud forms at the top and extends downward. You can’t see that in a comparison of still photos.

The second nuke picture is an even more ridiculous comparison. The surge cloud at the base of that explosion (Storax Sedan, July 6, 1962) covered twenty square miles. The blast lifted a dome of earth 300 feet high into the air. The still shot from that vid is 3 seconds after the detonation when the blast breaks through the dome. It excavated a 1,200 ft wide, 300 ft deep crater. The mushroom cloud went up 12,000 ft. It is exactly nothing whatsoever like the WTC collapse.

SERIOUSLY! Are we reduced to this???


How naive you are… They can do this.

They used a nuke on the WTC. They were able to control the Nuke to go off right after the planes hit the towers. They have these special Nukes that explode just like it shows in the film. These are special ones that they developed which don’t create the characteristic mushroom cloud.

The resulting radiation from the Nuke? They are able to remotely control all the geiger counters to give false readings. They are able to do that now and they able to do that back in 2001. They remotely control the geiger counters so that when you go to lower Manhattan they give out ‘corrected’ readings. Every Geiger counter ever built has a secret built in location tracker that they put there in preparation for this. They can remotely control every Geiger counter ever created and they also control all home made ones. They are even able to know when someone tries to calibrate a geiger counter to know it is in lower Manhattan so that it gives a false ‘corrected’ reading.

They controlled where all the debris that was polluted was disposed off to make sure no one was able to detect any nuclear fallout in the debris. They planned it all out before hand.

2001 was the days before wide spread use of digital cameras and most people were using film/tape of some form. Radiation from a Nuke would normally create a radiation pulse that would partially expose film. But they replaced all the camera film in the days leading up to the event. They know how to do these things. They even knew which tourists were going to be in New York that September and secretly replaced all the film in those cameras as well. The people that took perfectly clear photos that morning using film were all in on it. They had special film that wouldn’t be affected by the radiation pulse.

They even had hardened electronics everywhere in Manhattan that morning that would not be affected by a nuclear EMP. They then secretly went in and removed all the hardened electronics so there would be no evidence of it.

As for the resulting radiation sickness? Don’t you know they have a secret cure for radiation poison. They secretly gave the cure to everyone that was near Manhattan that morning years ago. They also slipped it to the cleanup workers and construction workers in the years that followed. And they control all the hospitals as well. They altered any medical records for anyone that did get sick to make it look like nothing happened. They erased the memory of all the medical staff that were involved with any radiation poison.

Besides they know how to build nuclear bombs that don’t create any nuclear radiation. These are special types of nuclear bombs that don’t use any nuclear materials.


A compilation of demolitions conducted using the French demolition technique of vérinage. This is achieved with hydraulics that push structural members out of alignment, allowing the top portion of a building to then demolish the structure below via gravity alone, without the use of explosives.


I chuckled. :grinning:


Now that is more like it. You do realise that an explosive demolition does pretty much the same thing? It’s not just a big bang. Often the explosives are rigged in combination with anchors and steel cables that cut through structural members. Whether it’s hydraulics, explosives, or just the steel cables that you saw being yanked by bulldozers in part of that video, it’s all about destabilising one part of the building and using it to crush the rest.

Every example I could see in that video knocked out supports about two thirds of the way up the building. That leaves enough weight above the break to pancake the floors below (or, rather, enough force from the upper third after free-falling through a distance of one floor). After pancaking the lower floors the upper section has built up enough speed to pancake most of itself too.

I don’t know if it was fortuitous or planned – probably the former as I doubt anybody could either accurately aim a 767 or predict in detail the effect of crashing one into a high-rise – but the planes impacted the WTC north and south towers at floors 93-99 and 75-85 out of 118 floors or so. Even without speculating on the exact mechanism of failure, the collapse of the buildings looks pretty much exactly like what you would expect given failures at those floors. Each floor’s steel framework and 4-inch concrete covering alone weighed 3,200,000 pounds. Drop forty of those through 15 feet onto the static structure below and the pancaking of the lower floors is guaranteed.


The Donald knew straight away that two aluminum planes causing the collapse (into their own footprint) of three skyscrapers at freefall speed into dust and molten metal is the biggest conspiracy theory in the history of mankind.


Given the fact that they tried to topple the buildings in 1993 I definitely think it was planned to bring them down. Surely there are some calculations that can be done to compare the amount of explosive used on the World Trade Centre with the amount used to topple other buildings. I had a quick look online but the information seems hard to find about how much it takes to implode a building. 757’s have roughly 43,000 Litres of jet fuel. Look at the damage the Oklahoma bomb did with 3,200 kg’s of explosive and that was at a distance (the TNT equivalents can easily be worked out).
I don’t think they were definite that the buildings would come down, but, I would say they definitely thought of it as a good possibility.
(I probably shouldn’t have jumped in on this thread as it does appear to be a rabbit hole :smile: ).




Chossudovsky is well known as a conspiracy theorist, Russian propagandist, and all round lying fuckbag. Gage has made a career out of peddling the same nonsense for 15 years. I’m beginning to think you’re a Russian troll yourself.


From wiki…

Chossudovsky’s father was a UN diplomat and his mother was Irish.

What is the Russian connection?

" In 2005, Chossudovsky published the book America’s “War on Terrorism” ."

“The book was found on a bookshelf in Osama bin Laden’s Abbottabad, Pakistan compound.”


You don’t have to be Russian to be a Russian propagandist.


So you think Bin Laden was there in his cave/compound reading a book written by a Russian propagandist?


If I said that 2+2=4 this guy some somehow attempt to dispute it. :whistle:

The term “conspiracy theory” was created by the CIA in 1967 as a way to discredit anyone who dared to challenge their official narrative of the JFK assassination. Typical tactic out of the far-left playbook- label anyone who disagrees with them as a conspiracy theorist/racist/far-right etc.
Can you actually debunk the claims they made in the video above?

You’re actually the biggest conspiracy theorist on this forum. You believe the official narrative on literally everything- September 11th, JFK, man-made climate change, Corona 19 etc.


Uh, wot? Got some wires crossed there.


Your claim…
Michel Chossudovsky =

  1. conspiracy theorist
  2. Russian propagandist

Although it appears in the wiki. It’s far from certain. See the talk section of the page.
He is more well known, I think, as an author and pundit/talking head on geopolitics.

The other noteworthy fact about Michel Chossudovsky is that a copy of his 9/11 book was found in Bin Laden’s compound.

You also called him a
“all round lying f**kbag.”…I’m not sure that claim is worthy of discussion however.