Building 7 - Do you see it Fall?


Evidence that some knew something was a foot? … re=related


Not at all. The tricky bit about flying is landing. As you can see, they made a bit of a mess of landing. Anyone who has ever played about with flight simulator can say that they could pull the same thing off. I’ve crashed many planes into many places with only the most basic knowledge of what I was doing (like just reading the instructions for the controls and ignoring the bits about proper flying). I even managed to land once.

In terms of taking over the planes, that was even easier:

  • they were armed with boxcutters, by all accounts.
  • standing orders for crews at the time was to co-operate with hijackers and let the authorities on the ground sort it out.
  • so they would have been able to get to the cockpit, kill the unsuspecting flight crew who would be waiting to be told to land somewhere and for negotiations to begin.


For those of you unconvinced of the ability of a large building to collapse quickly with almost no warning, I direct you to the Sampoong department store collapse in Korea: … e_collapse

The key is the floor load design limit. The floor in modern buildings is used to spread the stress from the columns. I believe this is true of the WTC also.

With a crash on one floor and some of the columns damaged/destroyed by the impact and the subsequent fire, additional load is placed on the floors and columns below. What you see as squibs exploding is the concrete on the steel columns bursting off as the steel within them warps under stress. Remember, the weight is being transmitted down through all the floors and columns below. An imbalance in the floors above will have a negative effect on floors below. Different columns will have different tolerances.

IMO, the cover-up comes from the fact that there is a design flaw inherent in this type of large-structure design. The cost of fixing the flaw would be enormous and many buildings would simply have to be knocked. Future buildings would have a smaller amount of marketable space available as they would need additional support structure to ensure that a partial structure failure would not collapse the entire building. So, it comes down to money. And it is being covered-up.


If we can draw any conclusion from this discussion, and we can’t, surely it’s that demolition companies have been scamming us? All they need to do is fly an out-of-service jetliner into the building. Within an hour, the building will collapse at free-fall speed into its own footprint.


the last word on 911 conspiracy theories


Ok, 5 cars and truck and 200m gold. That would that about 8 people.

if his presence on the board is suspicious then other board members must be in on it. Conservatively 12 people.

Demo crew for 2 buildings (oh, I forgot about bld 7, thats 3 buildings). Expect thats about 3x20 people. 60 more.

NORAD. another dozen or so.

Indeed it does. Thats around a hundred people who must be right in on the conspiracy OW. And there are hundreds more (who killed everyone on the real plane that was supposed to hit the pentagon?). Once you start adding them up youre into a very big group of people, not all of them govt employees who were involved in an operation that killed 3000 American civilians and yet not one of them has said a word in 8 years?


A “Building 7” conspiracy nut, opened fire on the Pentagon building last night wounding two policemen.


He was killed. The cops weren’t. He didn’t even take out one. What sort of a wanker wild shooter was he?


I fear this is a broken argument nor does common sense apply. I totally understand where you are coming from.

Remember there is a section of society or the population who do not think like the majority. They are not burdened by your requirements.

Don’t be deflected by assumptions either! What is clear form history time and time again is you only need enough key people at key points to manipulate as required everyone else pretty much performs as “expected” for the most part unquestionably.

This is how a few manage to exact so much power and influence so many people.

It should have been clear to the world who was at play when global opposition to the Gulf War was essentially ignored by the
ruling power brokers and now with eh Carbon scam.

Why is this so hard to understand when the current predicament is easily explained by this same scenario?

Its a never ending War and we are the enemy.


I think I missed the “building 7 nut” reference in the article.

I detect a certain undertone to your post I can not abide by.


I’m just a callous body-count reactionery who doesn’t give a fuck. Anarchist, too.
I really couldn’t care less.



I thought the controversy surrounded NYTC no. 6?




And people who say rent is dead money are the crazy ones?


911 conspiracies still a giving. Always will.

This 2012 theory is basically that the pilot who took off in one of the planes was photoshopped many years before in his cockpit.The original photo of father and daughter may have been glary and cleaned up later, so what. It may have been taken at home and someone shopped in a background later. It was not taken on 911 as the child was not on the plane, but that is her and her daddy together…no doubt. … 53p12.html

Americans are mad :smiley: :smiley:



Image from accompanying Vice article in 1994! :open_mouth:

A magic 7 years before 9/11.