Building 7 - Do you see it Fall?


So the 1994 article never existed until 2009 as a joke?




Not only that, but it got rehashed by the conspiracy loons more than once, judging by this 2011 rebuttal by Vice. (I’ll send on the bill for four seconds of Googling :unamused: )

Is the Pin’s equivalent of August “slow news month” gonna be a rehash of ALL the outlandish conspiracies? And is this an Illuminutty attempt to keep the news ticking over until something actually interesting happens? :smiley:


That’s just what they want you to think. Have you even added together the numerical values of the letters in “Vice”??


Gelatine / gelitin


OW, thought you might have seen this fairly recent article.

Another conspiracy theory goes down in flames, pun intended.


This will be a difficult day for the truth brigade, their golden boy will be taking part in ceremonies and giving speeches about the terrorist attack. I wonder could the deep state be blamed.


Brrr, it’s a bit shilly in here… better get my coat. :-GC


Maybe you should grab your coat. Better than posting more false info.



Needs to be clearer in whom they are directing humourless snipes at with a bit more effort and qualification applied to content.


Great work, OW, keep it up!

The term “cognitive dissonance” is essential whenever these debates take place, because it explains the fear of accepting the horrific truth, and blots out natural interest in facts and science. It’s like the Ireland of years ago when most people wouldn’t hear of stories of abuse by priests.

The biggest tinfoil hats are those worn by the US Gov and its lackeys, since their conspiracy theory, at best called a “coincidence theory”, is implausible at virtually every level.

For those who want to learn more, this is not a bad place to start (though there are many other good, well-researched sites):


Not sure what you mean? You are once again speaking in riddles rather that presenting any sort of coherent analysis of the article that I just linked, written by structural engineering experts, which debunked this conspiracy theory.

The fire burned for 7 hours, the sprinkler system did not come on as it did in other big fires, fireman did not spray water on the burning building like in other fires, they just let it fall rather than risk more lives by intervening. The specific steel structures in that building gave way and floors collapsed triggering gravity to take over. Gravity acts downwards. Nobody heard any massive explosion. Case closed (unless you believe that this group of experts are also part of the many tens of thousands of people required to conduct such a vast conspiracy and who have all stayed quiet about it since).


welcome to 2017 where the opinion of an engineer or other so-called “expert” is worth the same as some gimp on the internet. :unamused:


Many people get to post opinions on the internet and that’s good. Some of the people posting the opinion that Building 7 had to have been blown up are engineers/architects or other relevant professionals. And its understandable as the way the building fell down seems unique. However I would trust the opinion of the group of engineers and other experts who were later tasked with looking at the actual evidence and modeling the fall, which took them years of investigation, rather than someone who had just looked at a video only, even if that person is a structural engineer.

For instance there is lots of videotape of Building 7 falling down, taken from different viewpoints. You can’t hear an explosion on any of that newsreel. It would have been a simple question to ask the conspiracy theorists where was the explosion before the fall, but for some reason the various YouTube conspiracy postings that I have seen fail to ask and answer that simple question.


It’s more a case of being drowned out. There are relatively few engineers compared to the vast number of sensationalists, idiots, and outright liars.


Does anyone not give a thought for all those hard working dis-info and counter-intel operatives across the world’s intelligence agencies doing the work of a hundred men and women, day in, day out, with not a mention of their efforts and hard graft. It a tough thankless station. They are the veritable moderators and admins of the video-drome. BD

Maybe VICE will do a documentary someday so we can celebrate their contribution to societies near and far (maybe it’s been done already).




The problem with that line of reasoning is that it can be used to explain pretty much anything. In fact, it’s far more plausible that you’re one of them spreading false information, than that they hushed up the story of building 7 while for some bizarre reason informing the media in advance that it was going to collapse. It’s far more likely that you’re one of them than that they set explosives in a building coincidentally just before it had a massive fire during America’s worst terrorist attack. Far more likely that you’re one of them than that they infiltrated the NIST and built bogus computer models. Add all those things together and it’s practically guaranteed that you’re a plant by an intelligence agency.