Building activity anecdotes here

I know there is a sticky anecdote thread laready, but I would be most interested to construction activity anecdotes. Here are mine:

Irish Nationwide development on the corner of the N11 and Booterstown Road
Present state is a concrete skelton and loads of scaffolding. I have seen no indication that there has been anyone on site for the last month or two.

Some activity, but appears on massive go slow.

Similar to Grange.
An ambitious estate for the town, price range ~330k to ~750k. Executive living, etc, etc. Been to see the show houses on two occassions and was surprised by the lack of progrees, between the two visits. Only about 4 houses completed. Others in variuos states of build. Last friday (7th sept) the electricians and carpenters (one of whom I know personally), were given notice and as I understand it building activity has stopped.

Anecdotal evidence from suppliers to the construction industry that residential construction has ground to a halt

Stories that certain major housebuilders have just shut down sites

Anecdotal evidence that Ryanair are pulling flights to Poland, as the Poles are leaving Ireland to find work elsewhere

There appears to be no building activity at the Castlemoyne development in Balgriffen, D13, since the bulders holidays.

I’m an architect/Builder. Last year would typically get one or two enquiries to design or build houses. This year one or two calls a month. Spent boom years focusing on building reputation for quality design and build, knowing that should keep us going when things quieten down.

Three of my Polish people have moved back to Poland. Their reason for leaving being that they did not feel future was secure. I am now fearful the others will leave after they return from their hols. in Poland.

As a previous posters said, many East Europeans came here to make soem money over 3 to 5 years. They have saved and now the future looks shaky - why stick around this winter.

N Donegal auctioneer on RnaG today

  1. Activity down " a lot " especially with holiday homes
  2. builders merchants confirm this reduction in activity in Donegal

as for ryanair they have

4 flights a week to wroclaw from Dublin
5 to krakow
one a day to warsaw !

also bydgosz lodz stettin gdansk katowice poznan rzechzow

warsaw prices are quite low …for Ryanair so thats not a busy route. watch it .

"Irish Nationwide development on the corner of the N11 and Booterstown Road
Present state is a concrete skelton and loads of scaffolding. I have seen no indication that there has been anyone on site for the last month or two. "

That place seems dead to me, too.

I wonder if the workers are all working on one site, they finish it off, developer sells it while the workers are off to complete the unfinished projects.

Yep, the tide is turning fast.
Was talking to a Latvian worker yesterday that has particularly good english and his assessment at this stage is that this country sucks.Big deal,wages here might be better than back home but living expenses here are astronomical with everything from rent to car insurance costing up to 4 times the rate in Latvia.He said he has bought a house back home and has now landed a good job there also so is going home at the end of the week.A lot of his friends are in the same position and are heading back home as conditions there are improving rapidly.
He said he had to go into casualty recently and was horrified at the service and the delays getting treatment and said the health service here is a complete joke compared to back home.To cap it all the weather here was a disaster as well.

Anyone get this guy for an interview for the 6 o clock news :wink:

Actually 2Pack, I think the number of/price of Ryanair flights from Eastern Europe to Dublin would be an excellent indicator of economic problems.

Dublin-Warsaw in ( more or less) all of november and december is 0.01c on Ryanair in both directions though :slight_smile:

I expect flights to be canned , watch that route.

Hang on there a minute! This cannot be true :open_mouth: Don’t these people know we are the Celtic Tiger? Are we not one of the richest countries in the world? Do these foreigners not see that we live on an special Island that has rewritten the economics rulebook. How dare they slate our wonderland. Somone better tell bertie.

You’re doing something weird with your quoting / posting there Jo…

Just try and hit the quote button instead of reply when you want to comment on a specific post perhaps… :confused:

Sorry about that TUG, I think it was the shock that these damn foreigners feel this country is a kip shocked me to my core resulting in me being a cowereing shambles unable even to do a simple thing like posting. “I need coffee! Back in a minute caffiened and alert”

More Anecdotal stuff from the west…

Development of 80 houses in Westport. Only 8 sold. Not much activity onsite. Developer is apparently paying builders with (unfinished?) houses.

I know of one massive development for the town thats been put on hold. They had to build a new bridge over an old railwayline to gain access to the site… thats all thats there. A big bridge leading into a massive field with a few cattle buzzing around the place. All fenced off now.

There are two other big developments happening. I havent been arsed looking into how they are doing but i might try and suss it out.

Ridiculous amount of house coming on stream here.

Holding on - what’s happening with the big development near the railway station? I was stunned to see that go up in Westport.

Full steam ahead. :astonished:

Its a mix of residential & commercial. TBH the commercial is probably viable. We dont have a single tesco/aldi/lidl/woodies/insert big chain store in the town.

But its friggin massive. All it will do it take business from neighbouring Castlebar. I cant see them shifting the apartments though. I’ll suss it out.

Stradbally, Co. Laois, Cill Beg - plenty of completed houses, none appear occupied. The houses hae been completed for some months now. Site entrance not even finished/landscaped.

That a shame because as the EA says .

and not any ole rubbish, from … earchlist=

and of course

I think there is an EHS issue there, after the fatality onsite, I think the place is still under investigation…