Building costs

Anyone keeping an eye on the poor builders and how prices are going with them

I was quoted 45 euro an hour for electrical work for the cost of adding a few plugs in my house so I take it construction costs are slow to come down

Someone here posted a dramatic fall in block-layers rates in Galway, recently.

Did you get at least three quotes ? Call him back and say you’ve had a quote for 25ph.

He may just be busy, and fobbing you off.

Far as I know the union rate is about 23ph.

Emergency plumber charge €250 on Sunday! 30 minutes work!


Newly qualified rate €20.62
5 years experience €21.41
As set by the AECI.

These are what an employee must be paid.
Traditional on-costs are approx 61% so the cost of paying an experienced electrician would be €34.47 and charge out rates would be whatever profit the company would like to take above this.

Self employed people can value themselves as they wish.

The re-adjustment to normality in the construction sector is going to be very painful for some.

These electrician hourly rates seem generous, they wouldn’t make anyone filthy rich either.
People losing there jobs might have to settle for altenative wages much lower than say 21 quid an hour. A days salary on 21 quid an hour would only be equal to a whole weeks income if someone was drawing the dole . It won’t be pleasant.

In my ignorance I would have guessed the existing rates would have been between 16-18 euros an hour.

Braighni, Do you work in this area ? how are you finding things these day?

TEEU rates are higher than those quoted by Briaghi. I’ll eat a large hat if there’s ever a reduction in official rates. Having dealt with TEEU the phrase bigger picture doesn’t mean much

(Sorry don’t have the back-up to hand on this - a start perhaps)

Tis one thing to ask for what may be percieved as overpayment.
Tis another to recieve it having asked.

It should get interesting this year. I know a lot in the business are slow at the moment and hopefully will start reducing their prices for labour. I have heard rumours of some buiilders being down to around 70 c a block. Interesting times ahead

45 euro an hour is exortionate I think

That bit is awkward. It’s illegal to pay less than the specified rate.
They might agree to go on the books as a labourer but the risk averse would like to avoid that as the employee may cry fowl a year or two later and they’re stuck back-paying wages and then legal costs.

I am in this area. Relatively sheltered from the housing game though.
(sub stations and public lighting). Mostly in industry but this is also drying up slightly as there are more sparks fighting for the same work.

From what I can see …
Shopping centres, hotels, retail units and warehouses all stopped.
We don’t seem to need much more of these.

Quinn Group is (rumoured to be) laying people off across the board, cement, brick, tiles, glass.
Sawmills at a virtual standstill. Lots of stock.

On a more optimistic note.
Carparks are still going up.
ESB are still doing a lot of upgrading (and outsourcing).
Government is still spending.
Food industry still going strong. (Poultry excluded)
Pigs are flying. (Lots of farmers expanding)

Now to get back on topic I have heard of brickies halving their rates.
I’ve seen a lot of sparks head to London too.

Well, how much do you want to pay ?

I mean, if you half a brain and half a day, you can put in a few sockets.

But you’d want to know what you’re doing, because electricity is potentially lethal… oh !

You know what, if I didn’t feel up to the job for any reason, I’d pay up. Could be life or death. Worth E25 an hour at least surely.

Of course plumbing and bricklaying is a completely different thing :laughing: