Building in Mulgannon Wexford Anthrax impications ???

I was talking to a friend today who told me that he understands that they are breaking ground on this development. It seems bizarre to me, firstly to want to build 180+ houses and a creche in the current environment but anyone know about the Anthrax angle and if it is indeed going ahead?? It seems strange that the HSE seem very concerned as does the Borough Council but An Bord Pleanala said with some conditions all is fine

Major Mulgannon plan finally gains approval

Wednesday April 13 2011

A MAJOR housing estate proposed for Mulgannon has been approved by An Bord Pleanala.

Wexford Borough Council had refused Orchard Lane Investments permission for 189 units and a crèche on a site of over 10 hectares between the Mulgannon Road and Rosslare Road. A planning permission already existed on the site for 100 units and a crèche, having been granted on an appeal in 2007, before the large scheme was applied for by Orchard Lane Investments.

The Borough Council turned down the proposal for three reasons. Firstly, there is no clear time frame for the delivery of a road planned to be built linking the Mulgannon and Rosslare Roads and the existing road network is not up to the job.

Secondly, public safety would be endangered as the proposed development would have access onto the Mulgannon Road, which is ‘inappropriate in width, capacity and condition’, while, finally, the density of the development would result in an ‘excessive level of site coverage’.

The Mulgannon Residents Association was listed as an observer to the appeal and there had been a number of grounds of objection to the original application to the Borough Council, including the existence of an animal burial site with anthrax contamination in the area.

The concerns about potential human exposure to anthrax if the burial site was disturbed was dealt with in a previous application, when An Bord Pleanala and the Health Service Executive (HSE) both agreed that disturbing it could result in human exposure. Following an anthrax outbreak in Wexford 1911 36 cattle were buried on his land.

However, Senior Planning Inspector Una Crosse noted that in the previous appeal the Board included a specific condition which required that prior to the commencement of any development on the lands that a workplace health and safety plan would be submitted to the planning authority for consultation with the Health and Safety Authority and a Waste Management Plan would be submitted to the planning authority for consultation with the Department of Agriculture and Food. Ms Crosse recommended to the Board that planning be granted. She said that permission has been granted on the site for 100 units with a crèche so, for this reason, she considered that the principle of substantial residential development has already been established on the lands.

’ The capacity, width or condition of the Mulgannon Road is not, in my opinion, inappropriate in the context of the proposed development,’ she added.

Ms Crosse also said that ’ the design and layout of the proposal are in my opinion appropriate and adequate with the density compliant with the maximum densities for medium density zonings, the car parking requirements have been complied with in the revised scheme submitted to the board and the open space contains existing features which create an interesting visual feature in the scheme’.


Interesting, i didn’t realise anthrax spores were likely to survive 100 years underground; hardy little feckers aren’t they?

Bump::: genuinely interested in this story any local Wexford lads or any one with a knowledge of Anthrax (that sounds bad :open_mouth: )

Anthrax is actually one of the risks in demolishing/renovating with old properties - old plaster was used horsehair to give it tensile strength - and anthrax can survive in it to the present day.