Building Sites, Cranes and Christmas Lights

Was out and about yesterday evening and noticed the distinct lack of Christmas lights that are usually displayed on cranes in the various building sites across the city. Has anyone else noticed the same in their area?

Not very environmentally friendly all those Christmas lights you know. Burning off electricity and I bet not one energy efficient bulb amongst them.

The lack of lights will be heralded as the construction industry doing more for the environment by improving it’s energy efficiency and reducing it’s carbon footprint.

“Buy an energy efficient non-festively bedecked house! Secularly built is better built!”

Blue Horseshoe

Its not the fuggin 8th of December yet , is it ???

Time enough to bedeck them !

What happens on the 8th of Dec? I always put my lights up come end of August. :smiley:

Traditionally the 8th of December is “farmers day” where Irish farmers having had to take the time off to go to mass decide to make a day of it and hit the nearest city to do their Christmas shopping. The people living in the cities avoid the shops as they’re full of farmers and stay home to put up their decorations.

It’s also the day after my birthday. :smiley:

Economic downturn, housing crashes, rising unemployment, financial turnmoil…perhaps someone should tell these people!!

Now that the Developers have to rent out their properties there is nobody home to switch on the lights. (This comment should not be misconstrued as glee). :imp:

Hmmm. Maybe there is room for Christmas glee.

Looks like TUG never returned after that incident with the dog. Either he was arrested or the dog ate him. :smiley: