Building your own House Website

Has anyone got some Websites which offer advice on building your own house?

Also any Websites which detail costs on building your own house?

Typical costs for

Per Sqmtr/Per Sqrft…

thanks a million

Found this

one here
these people list prices

ConstructIreland is worth checking out if you are interested in building something that might last more than the length of the mortgage.

If you want to look at specific details I’d recommend the Irish version of the Spons price book. There might be a 2010 update available, but prices are very dependent on the quality of the job you want done. Beware of impossibly low estimates and quotes.

thanks Boom, Coles and Dolanbaker appreciate it…

This forum on contains a lot of useful info

In a chat with an architect recently I was told a safe assumption for full finished construction ( Dublin) is E200 per square foot. Probably less outside the capital. He also said timber frame is more expensive than standard build (for decent quality), and a bit of an unknown quantity as they haven’t been around long enough for us to know about longevity in the damp Irish climate etc.

Sounds like an architect with an agenda. ‘Concrete built is better built…’,


Also sounds like rediculous money to be throwing away. Tell him about the recesh…
Seriously tho, look at Scan homes, around 100€/sq ft for a passive house, turnkey, incl fittings. I’d be looking at getting costs down from that benchmark. 11sq ft=1sq m … -09-21.pdf

You’d be mad to build a house, build temporary structures and connect them via temporary structures.


True OW, look how well all those Portacabins have served our school system for the last 50 years :mrgreen:

Truth be told it was not a joke but there is great truth in jest.

All housing is temporary, unless you’re into the neolithic school of architecture.

Theory is that had a domed wooden structure as well and acted as a grand observatory all we are left with is the stone. All is not as you perceive.

Didn’t say I know anything about building! Just passing on info I heard :blush: (No plans to build anything anytime soon either)

But thinking about it I think what this guy said about timber in our climate makes sense - I know it works well in other places, and I’ve lived in timber framed homes abroad, but the damp here would worry me - it’s just such a different environment to the USA, Canada, Scandinavia etc? I’m sure like everything you can get things built cheaper, but is it false economy because it won’t last?

they’re rendered on the outside the wood is not facing the elements. Need to be well ventilated. In the end wood will get relatively cheaper over time due to lower energy inputs

It isn’t exactly the sahara in Scandinavia, or North America; I think it rains more in the Pacific North-West more than most of Ireland ! The fact is that ~80% of the houses built on the planet are timberframed.

Ireland isn’t different !

If one builds the timberframe properly & from good materials; which don’t include any trees grown in Ireland; then the resultant house will have an excellent lifespan.

Tree grow very well here.

Of course wood will last. Wood is used as a structural element all the time. You can finished off in something else. IS it not soupy and humid in Washington DC, Boston and deep South? Yea and super cold too sometimes.

fuck the “public amenity” it doesn’t exist it a lie.

Concrete is a fantastic but wrongly applied in Ireland. I’ll say it again, imagine pouring plaster cast all over ones skin. How long do you think you would live? Same applies to the ground. Its simply not right to pour it flat as we do.

Find or conceive a design you love that is functional.
Forget the materials first as the design informs these decisions.

Be guided by your design concept not what is in fashion or looks cool.

What is it this design must do?

Personally my starting point is how can this protect, create and nourish life.

Form that point of view the materials how its paid for are all part of that “protection”.

The mortgage is contrary to this goal and so too are many of materials we us.

Using the Tools of death to create life is an odd way to start.

Here’s some elementary starting criteria.

  1. Light
  2. Water

Both fundamental components to life.
These must be core to your design.
Ignore these at your peril. :smiling_imp:

That’s exactly the problem. Trees grow too fast here. The best timber is slow grown with a tightly packed, grain.

We all know that the number of rings tell us how many years old the tree is; & the gap between the rings obviously tells us how much the tree grew in that year. What most people aren’t aware of is how this effects the suitability of that tree to construction !

A board will naturally warp in such a way as to try to straighten its grain into a straight line. So this is why a decent carpenter will lay floorboards like: nnnn rather than uuuu , when looking at the grain. This is to stop the boards dishing.

A slow grown tree will naturally have a higher, grain to bulk ratio & so is stronger, as the bulk is the part of the timber that absorbs & releases moisture to cause warping, shrinkage etc. Scandinavian forests have a shorter growing season than ours & so are ideal for construction. Our climate is better suited for broadleaf trees, which is far more valuable, but, quelle surprise, our fuckwit Quangos didn’t ensure the people collecting grants off coillte grew suitable trees until comparative recently.

agree on the comment about be mad to be building a house NOW but need to know the info for something else…