Bulk Sale Apartments

Just spotted this on daft… Looks like some canny investor who bought a full block wants out…

10 apartments for €1.98m which is €198k each obviously…

Mortgage 90% over 25 years for approx €11,000/ month and rent it out for maybe €10,000???Hardly a great deal!!!


Good find. That’s costing the seller a lot while it’s on the market so they will be looking for a quick sale. Man it’s poky looking too! Pass…


So excellent in fact, that I’m not going to say what it is. You are obviously a “savvy” property investor, so trifling things like quantifying the actual rental return would be of little or no interest to you.

Hmm, there is somehting not quite right about that “Feature Fireplace”…


Yeah, the sofa is too close. It’ll get burned if a coal cinder hops out…

Why O WHY??? did they include this photo in the set ???


Probably previously occupied by foreign workers from his building company. Now they’re not building anything else he has nobody to rent the things. Since he built the things in the middle of nowhere he doesn’t think the prospect of renting them out is too good so he is looking for a greater fool. His own personal vicious circle unravalling.

It’s where he burried the previous tenants.

It’s in jest, it’s all in jest! :blush:

Perhaps the vendor is targeting the “canny investor with goat” market segment?

NO, no, no. It’s all that “devlopment potential”
[size=34]subject to planning permission[/size]

Actually that made me wonder this morning…

Just saw another corner house in an estate lashing up another detached on the property, I often wonder what the 1990s builder thinks of that…

“Oh crap, I buggered up there, could have squeezed another one in!!!” :blush:

Good idea build on top of it. Just don’t dig too deep. :wink:

Similar properties in the area are not really offered at much more than 200k a pop anyway…This genius is trying to sell a job lot at a per unit price… Even the traders on Moore Street understand this concept when they’re selling wrapping paper!!