Bundoran Plantation blues

I was reading the posts on a new Bundoran facebook group about concern over the number of asylum seekers dumped in the area with the McEniff dynasty being a prime beneficiary (imagine my shock).

First thing that stands out is how scared a lot of the members are about discussing the problems.

The admin is at pains to point out that ‘biased comments’, ‘yellow-vesting’ (:joy:) and ‘hatred/racism’ will not be tolerated. Comments from members often get prefaced like this:

:small_blue_diamond: “Im not one bit against people coming in to town, but this is a joke bundoran is killed.”

:small_blue_diamond:"Refugees welcome in Bundoran but we are FULL FULL FULL"

:small_blue_diamond:"I welcome all cultures but…"

:small_blue_diamond:"Bundoran has always welcomed people of all nationalities but…"

I could hear Anton Chigurh in my head — “If the rule you followed brought you to this, of what use was the rule?”

This desire to be seen as kind-hearted is something the regime takes full advantage of, but it’s increasingly clear that it’s a tactic stretched to its limit.

One thing to remember about Bundoran is half the town are people who came as actual refugees when the troubles broke out, that’s why half the town has Belfast accents, so that’s a complication.

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