Bunglasha House, Killaloe, Co Clare (-€2m, -67%)

Whilst I appreciate this is a unique property - and would not suggest it’s by any means representative of the broader market - but nonetheless a 67% fall in asking price (~€2m) is pretty spectacular…can you imagine how gutted you’d be if you forked out €3m for this 12 years ago…no amount of bikini-clad girls could put a smile on my face if that was me!

Bunglasha House and Bunglasha Lodge are two different properties I think.

Nah, you’re wrong.

Is it for sale now?
Can’t find it on MyHome - can you share link?

Is there evidence it sold for 3m in 2008 ? and i cant see it on myhome now?

never sold in 2008, (unsurprisingly, it seemed unlikely)

from the independent:

It went sale agreed for €3.5 million in 2008-09, but then came the crash and the sale fell through. Since then it’s been rented to guests in the corporate, wedding and tourism markets at a rate of €3k -4k a week in high season.

It was up for sale recently with Sherry Fitz @ €995k but appears to have been pulled as all the links on property websites no longer work:

Cache still there on Sherry Fitz website:
Asking Price
€995,000, 8 beds, 4 baths, 471 sqm

Perhaps withdrawn or very quickly sold at the vastly reduced asking price.

The time on your phone from your screenshots seem to be set to Irish time.
And you are getting tweets for MyHome price changes in Ireland.
Even all those bikini clad ladies can’t keep your mind off the lovely ‘lumps’ in SCD

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You’re wrong Sherlock, it’s Australian time!

Mate - I screenshot what you just wrote out above…buala bos Sherlock

Are the Bikini girls an optional extra or included in the package ? I suppose they recruit them in Lahinch. Must be tough at this time of year.

So it never sold what’s the point of your post then ?

The asking price of a property falls by 70% and you ask what the point of a post on the Property Pin is?

You heard of the property crash I take it ? I’d suggest the asking price was never sensible but you take whatever joy you can from it

So where am I showing ‘joy’ in my posts above? I’m merely pointing out facts. Just cause you don’t like the facts I point out doesn’t mean I’m taking joy from what has happened.

Perhaps you should play the ball, not the man.

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This may blow your mind…but it’s possible that I’m interested in multiple things beyond the immediate world I inhabit (which happens to be warm, economically prosperous and full of bikini clad hotties)…one of those things might be Irish property…but I may have also have other interests, but which you’re not aware of…

There’s a big bad world beyond the Late Late Toy Show lads…open your mind to perspectives that are different to your own…

I cannot see anything wrong his with drawing posters’ attention to a very big price drop.

He has a point: this is the Property Pin after all.

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Didn’t get to see the Late Late, unfortunately.
No insulation, electricity or running water in my SCD lump.

It’s mad to think someone almost paid €3m for this in 2008. Lucky for them they avoided that bullet!
At €1m, it’s not outrageously priced.

Know of plenty of examples of actual sales from 2007 that are down over 90% based on current market prices. Frightening.

You can find loads of houses that were for sale for mental prices in 2006/7/8 outside Dublin that are worth a fraction now

It’s not news to anyone

Plus it never sold for its outrageous asking price either , he thought it did.

I imagine you’d be buying it for less than the build-cost so that’s noteworthy that a 2011 trend is happening still in 2020