Burleigh Mews, Dublin 4 (-50k, -7.4%)

These houses (not actually “mews” at all) are fairly identical I think, bar extensions and the like

No. 3 sold for €520k £410k] in 1998
independent.ie/unsorted/prop … 44736.html

No. 4 now asking €675k
daft.ie/searchsale.daft?id=6 … rch=1&ea=1

Aerial view: goo.gl/maps/kwc3

That’s impressive … to have just kept up with inflation, it should be selling today for around 750k Euro. Ouch.

Really puts it in perspective how far prices have fallen.

Still a hefty price IMHO. Very central but part of an apartment complex, on pedestrian shortcut from canal, NE facing back gardens, limited privacy. (Is there a service charge payable on these?)

IMO this will sell for at least the asking price.

Nice family home, close to town.

No. 4 now 625k

Drop of 50K - care to comment Landlord?

Still seems to be a bit overpriced to me.

The 170 m2 seems generous. Including the ‘outhouse’ as well as the conservatory I’d wager.

I suppose in 1998 it was a rising market and you could buy with an eye to capital appreciation

I am surprised :slight_smile: but not worried.

Maybe the vendor requires a quick sale or it’s a ploy by the EA to drum up interest for a bidding war.

This is a good family home in a nice location.

I think preference is for more traditional than this despite the D4 postcode.
I would guess something like this should be 1998/1999 nominal price. Not dure when it was built but normally new houses in Dublin underperform good second hand buy IMO

Do you really think a traditional family would live here? Young couple and small ones- grand but I’d imagine the rooms are small

Not sure if this is in response to my post - I don’t think this is a traditional family home - in the good times maybe where you would live for a few years before trading up :smiley:

However I don’t think that’s the mindset anymore hence I’d say market for this is limited, maybe landlord will buy as a rental

What 1800 sq ft house with garden is to small for your traditional family.

I didn’t see the sq footage actually;

maybe I just have it in my head that it’s a mews

I suspect the 1800 square feet includes not just the conservatory but the ‘outhouse’ as well. The rooms don’t have the look of a house that size.

In other words, I’m calling bullshit on the square footage

The house indeed looks a fair size, but I’d hardly call that much of a garden, even if it were rescued from under the slabs.
That said, it’s very much closer to a sensible price than you’d expect, given its size and location.

I am surprised this one took so long to go Sale Agreed. (3 months and 1 price drop)

@firstbass, I viewed the property and it is approx 1800 square feet. Sometimes EA aren’t bullshitting. (included conservatory similar to EA but ignored shed)

Origional asking price for €675k than dropped to €625k 4-6 weeks later

Sold 1-11-12 for €665k.

Looks like I was wrong on this one.

8 Burleigh Mews asking 1.2m 8DD

No size given, may be 1800 sq ft as mentioned above, though it doesn’t look that big from the photos.

If 1800 sq ft, €666/sq ft
If 1500 sq ft, €800/sq ft

[Link added, apologies: myhome.ie/residential/broch … -4/3851008 ]