Burning-men 2017, Witch hunts and beyond


Another one bites the dust…George will have his pick of slots, as many as he wants!

Sarah McInerney quits Newstalk three months after moving to weekend slot
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Al Porter stuff split to own thread:


RTE employee arrested in Leeds split to own thread:



Matt Lauer goes down, must be distressing for our American friends to have seen someone on morning TV for the past 25 tears at least.


Saw this on boards, a story where a female porn actor refused to have sex with a male porn actor, because he had done gay porn and apparently gay porn actors are not tested for STDs like hetero porn actors.

Cue an online backlash against her accusing her of homophobia. She is now dead, possibly suicide.

Story here: independent.co.uk/news/worl … 96496.html

This case of knee jerk, stand up for gay rights, rapid accusations of homophobia poses an interesting question: what about her right to consent to whoever she has sex with?

the first post on boards sums it up:

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It looks more like a gang of eejits trying to frame a tragedy to suit their ignorance. Boards is like that.


obviously consent ends where political correctness begins.

what a world


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Kevin Myers comes out with two barrels! POW!



Is there a problem in the world Richie Allen won’t try and pin on the Zionists. It would be interesting to hear Myers come on and try to defend Israel.


The Warlock Hunt
The #MeToo moment has now morphed into a moral panic that poses as much danger to women as it does to men.
the-american-interest.com/2 … lock-hunt/


What an awful article. A Thatcher biographer (who used her sexuality when it suited her) used her own sexuality to flirt to get old men to chatter on when writing it is now moaning a boring defence of men and flirty women.

I dread the day I might accidently read anything by Claire Berlinski again !

Google Adrian Edmondson’s interview with the daily telegraph in November. You can decry “political correctness” but a lot of the time it’s simple politeness


what a horrible woman " I have the power to destroy someone whose tutorials were invaluable to me and shaped my entire intellectual life much for the better. This is a power I do not want and should not have."

This is why I’m very selective as to whom I pass on occult knowledge.


You find the article boring; some of us find ‘politeness’ boring.


I find this whole area complex and interesting and enjoy reading different perspectives on it.


Poacher raised this this point early in the thread but I want to raise it again for context.

Form a politically driven and infiltrated media to have strong individual commentators regardless of what you think of them such as Kevin Meyers and George Hook (and is there a third one since then?) out of the broadcasting picture in any meaningful way is golden to one side of Repeal the 8th debate.

It would not be incomprehensible to imagine similar points of argument such as “personal responsibility” arising as one among many in the debates around the potential on-demand procedures to end human life in a potential future where the 8th amendment has been extinguished.

I will ad the caveat that I do not know what their positions are on this issue but that they clearly represent or pose a threat as wild card in any debate because they might say anything and also mean it!


Andrew Sullivan is spot on with this article.

nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/20 … metoo.html


Liam Neeson was on the Late Late last night and was speaking out against the wtch hunt, saying it had gone too far as these type of things tend to do.
Though his defence of Dustin Hoffman was sailing very close to the wind. He’s lucky though in that he’s an actor/luvvie. So the Irish branch of the hunt will give him a pass


Exactly! The women in my life think he’s gorgeous and lovely and handsome and he (very tragically) lost his wife a few years ago so he gets a free pass.

If George Hook (just back on the air) had defended Dustin Hoffman in the same manner on his show this morning he’d have been booted out of Newstalk and banished from the Irish media landscape for all eternity.

And by the way, I agree with Neeson (and largely with Hook.)


The fightback against these “witchhunts” is underway. its opportunism on behalf those never abused to climb the corporate ladder.

Its bound to backfire


Angelica Huston interview in the Sunday Times today. She says the “MeToo” campaign should be renamed WhyNow?