Burning-men 2017, Witch hunts and beyond


well isnt that funny

the smug middle class connected politician calling out the smug middle class rugby players who were found not guilty.


While it’s hard to see how the verdict could have gone any other way given the legal system the case operated under - there seems to be a huge groundswell of anger, as well as support for the plaintiff…this could go international. (Given the reaction from some of my female work colleagues - I think the statement from Jackson’s lawyer didn’t go down well and helped fuel some of the anger - it seemed a tad vindictive to me. Olding’s came across as more contrite and offered at least some sense of regret over the way things turned out.)

independent.ie/irish-news/c … 53688.html

*The “not guilty” verdict for all defendants in the Belfast rape trial has been greeted with a massive outpouring of commentary on social media.

From many, there was support and sympathy for the complainant - notwithstanding the verdict which cleared the men - following the prolonged and distressing case.

The hashtag #IBelieveHer was trending at number one in the aftermath of the verdict on Twitter today, even though all four defendants in the trial left court vindicated.

The case attracted huge attention during the course of the nine-week trial, and the verdict attracted a wide variety of opinion on social media.*


if this was Stuart Jackson and Paddy Olding on trial, no one would have batted an eyelid at this trial


There are no winners in this case. They’ll all be feked up for a long time after it…apparently the girls name is known all over Belfast.
The Media did themselves no favours either, reporting in minute detail every day. Did we really need to get that much coverage> Matt Copper on his show this eve defending the Last Word’s coverage.

But if the 4 lads had been found guilty and I started a #Ibelievethem, I’d have been slaughtered online and there’d be witchhunts.
I cannot get my head around the frenzy building up on the compplainants side. It’s prob just 1 of the usual social media campaigns but its dangerous and I’m uncomfortable with it to be honest.
And on the other side, all those idiots on twitter tonight (mostly men from the looks of it) who are calling the girl in this trial some pretty disgusting names, get a fekin life ye sad pathetic aholes. I see Laois GAA and Drogheda FC had to come out tonight distancing themselves from comments made by players/individuals associated with the clubs.


Plus one on the above.

And see you O riordan… you really are some class.


I don’t know what this sentence is supposed to imply. :confused: I’ve never heard of any of these people before this case and expect never to hear of them again.


I’d never heard of any of them either…


reported today that two brothers were found guilty of raping their sister.

I forgot to check the outrage-ometer on twitter on that one.


I don’t use Facebook or twitter so the outrage is passing me by. But what I find nasty and dumb is that on Late Debate on Radio 1 a guest said that ‘they weren’t found innocent…the jury considered there was reasonable doubt so did not convict’

The foreman of the jury stood up and said “Not Guilty”. Debating the semantics of that is dumb and nasty.

Jackson is going to grave having said on oath “No we didn’t all discuss it at lunch the next day after hearing how upset she was”. How can he look (reasonable) people in the eye ?


He has produced a fine compendium of moronic tweets.
Does he feel guilty being born a white man, and then assumes at all white men are guilty in all matters?


This has nothing to do with middle class, rugby, private schools or anything else. There have been plenty of these cases with soccer player, US basketball players, NFL stars, boxers etc. The accuser in this instance is apparently from a well known middle class background in Belfast (as if that matters).

This is the media drumming up issues that have no relevance whatsoever and stupid politicians getting their name out there.

As an aside, there must be grounds for serious defamation cases on both sides given the stuff coming our on “social media”.


Several hundred people now protesting outside the GPO and part of O’Connell st shut down. Protests also taking place in Cork and Galway to name a few.
thejournal.ie/crowd-protest- … 0-Mar2018/

Brid Smith TD spoke at today’s protest.
Not to be out done, Ruth Coppinger TD, has called a protest for this Saturday.

Do these people have no homes to go to…


posters on The Journal, reddit and boards are surprisingly restrained [in that they generally value the merit of trial by jury]compared to the shit show on Twitter


What a bottler, he didn’t even say anything illegal.


He said he didn’t have sex with her. The woman who walked in said he was behind her having sex. She had a cut in her vagina.


or work to be doing


I’m surprised he hasn’t been sued before…

rte.ie/news/ireland/2018/03 … ape-trial/

*Ulster and Ireland rugby player Paddy Jackson is to sue a Labour senator over an allegedly defamatory tweet he posted following Mr Jackson’s acquittal in the Belfast rape trial earlier this week.

In a statement issued by KRW Law, it said the legal action relates to a tweet sent by Aodhán Ó Riordáin to a number of other persons “before it was eventually taken down”.

Senior Associate Marie Hans said: “I can confirm we have issued pre-action libel correspondence against a named Senator in the Republic of Ireland. The legal action relates to a tweet sent to a number of other persons before it was eventually taken down.”*

Ms Hans added: "We will not hesitate to repeat similar legal action against anyone, who deliberately or otherwise, sees fit to attack our client.


Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. He had to be straight out of the blocks, virtue signalling as usual. Insufferable


He was doing it at the start of the trial - (so he can’t even say that he was persuaded by the evidence), going on about Rory Best

As an aside I was reminded of the Nora Wall trial recently, Paul Williams made some spectacular allegations in the aftermath which of course were complete horseshit; as the case was overturned he was found out, rather expensively


Crazy. I saw the Broadsheet comments and assumed it was a spoofer! Narcissism or what?!