Burning-men 2017, Witch hunts and beyond


Meanwhile, Willie John McBride has put his size 14s in it on Radio 1… wants the boys back -

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The petition is back up - seems someone reported it



I heard most of WJ’s interview earlier. RTE knew exactly that an old school man like him would come out with precisely what he said and would deliver it in exactly that style.
More petrol on the fire and will generate a few columns in the Journal/IT over the next week or so


people seem to think that they are immune from future actions when they demand that people lose their jobs.
this trial shows that no one has any privacy 8-


Noeleen Blackwell just can’t help herself…(I wonder if any other State-funded quango/charities have anything to say about “disrespectful behavior” among adults in private homes? (#mybodymychoice# etc)

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*The Dublin Rape Crisis Centre has criticised former Ireland rugby international Willie John McBride for calling for the reinstatement of Stuart Olding and Paddy Jackson after they were found not guilty of rape.

The Centre said the calls by Mr McBride and other rugby follows for the players’ reinstatement “entirely missed the legitimate reason for concern by so many people.”

“They don’t seem to recognise that the behaviour of some of the most prominent rugby players in the country was extraordinarily disrespectful and failed to take any account of the humanity or dignity of the young woman involved,” said Noeline Blackwell, chief executive of the Centre.

“This is a matter which the IRFU and Ulster Rugby must address as they have said they will do, not only in relation to those players but in relation to any culture within rugby that might in any way condone or encourage that behaviour.”


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This is the case that George Hook got into trouble for commenting on.

The guy has been cleared of rape with the jury deciding that the woman quite clearly fabricated her story ie the man in question is not ‘a rapist’.

I may be wrong but my recollection is that George Hook’s comments contained an implicaton that the man in question was guilty ie that he was ‘a rapist’.

It would be highly ironic if the acquitted man were now to sue Hook for defamation.


thejournal.ie/iceland-consen … 3-Apr2018/

The above apparently came into force in Iceland recently. The Swedes appear intent on enactng something similar.

This legislation is the result of feminist lobbying and places the burden of proof for estabishing consent in an alleged case of sexual assault on the accused person ie the accused must prove ‘beyond resonable doubt’ that consent was proffered voluntairly prior to the sexual act having taken place.

Its essentially a revertion to a form of pre-sexual revolution morality and is quite clearly proof positive that the latter day so-called ‘progressives’ are simply a mirror image of the old religious moral guardians of the past. Where once, explicit consent for same was considered to have been sought and obtained by way of a marriage contract, now it will need to have been obtained (presumably) by smart phone recording, e-mail, whatsapp message or the like, with the absense of such contractual certainty placing one party (most likely the male) at risk of being branded a rapist without any evidence whatsoever being presented to a court…simply his absence of a solid comtractual basis for having engaged in the sex act.

It seems that obsessing over what other people do in the bedroom is something that both the religious and the self-proclaimed ‘progressives’ appear to have in common.


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blast from the past… clearly false allegation and the RCC goes to bat for the accuser


theatlantic.com/education/a … cy/538974/

It should be noted that the introduction of legislation governing the process to be followed in cases of alleged sexual assault on American University campuses (ie where the accused is effectively ‘guilty until proven innocent’) resulted in a disproportionate number of black students being expelled as sexual offenders on foot of complaints by white females…who could have predicted that? XX


thats ridiculous, even by her own description nothing close to a sexual assault happened



There’s some more info here in the Icelandic law

It seems to me that the law needed to change to protect victims that for whatever reason (shock /fear / drugs etc) chose not to struggle or say no. They then became in a weird way complicit to the crime. Now it seems that to agree to sex can be spoken or by actions. I think this is the Swedish model;
"For the term approval in Article 1, the bill is clear that consent for participation in conversation or other sexual intercourse must be expressed with words or other unambiguous expressions. This means that consent is required or that active participation in a particular act is interpreted as consent by another or other participant. There will be no requirement for a participant to object or demonstrate resistance to participation in a sexual act. In addition, absolute inaction can not be interpreted as a willingness for participation. "


That’s an interesting one. Men can’t use false pretences. A woman I knew felt violated when she learned a guy she slept with who claimed to be Italian turned out to be Romanian.


In Israel a guy was convicted of having sex under false pretences for saying his name was something Jewish when in fact he was an Arab…


there used to be a protocol for this, it was marriage!

havnt we done so well with hypersexualisation wrapped up as liberation?


Unless you have been subject to an attempted rape/sexual assault or worse you may not understand the freeze reaction. It seems quite counter intuitive it is however very real. I agree however that any attempt to provide such needed protections are open to abuse.


The response to the whatsapp messages is interesting. What’s gone on within feminism over the last 20 years is a concerted effort to attack “slut shaming” and have its use curtailed. They did this on the pretense that men were slut shaming women. But slut shaming has always been a predominantly female tactic. They do it to lower other women’s status, imply they’re an STD risk, no honour in being with them etc

I’m not even convinced that the Whatsapp messages were “real”, rather than being staged and coordinated but assuming they were real. These rugby players were doing a natural male thing, celebrating a conquest.

Feminism then is a bit in two minds about the “slut” thing and about celebrating women’s promiscuity. It seems that a woman calling herself a slut and celebrating her own promiscuity is “brave”. A man doing the same is “disrespectful” and “inhumane”


Is anyone finding these consent articles exhausting ? Alcohol is at the crux of these cases but They get muddled when alcohol gets mentioned, primarily I think because they don’t want to suggest that a woman should be more responsible when it comes to her alcohol intake.

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To sum up

  • No means No
  • Silence doesn’t mean Yes
  • Alcohol, eh, our norms need to change


From that article…

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Una Mullally wrote a similar piece in the wake of the Belfast case again calling for ‘change’.

Ive read similar pieces across the media over the past couple of weeks, all of which call for the same ie ‘change’. However, in each and every one, beyond the common sense suggestion that there be a media blackout in all such cases (which already happens in the south), not one of them have included any suggestions as to what such changes might actually comprise of.

IMO this is a deliberate tactic because any ‘change’ beyond such a media blackout in the North could only be, (as per the example of the campus legislation in the States or the Icelandic example both cited above), along the lines of placing the burden of proof on the accused person and/or to remove the necessity for the presentation of evidence in such cases.

Indeed, many people (myself included) would view this as little more than code for suggesting that such changes incorporate the principle of ‘guilty until proven innocent’ into one section of the criminal code. A strong argument could be made to the effect that such ‘change’ would actually be in contravention of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and that it would be more in line with the type of Justice meted out in North Korea or countries governed by the principles of Sharia Law.

Its basically a dangerous power play on the part of what is increasingly revealing itself to be a social justice movement with strong authoritarian instincts.


A new low from the Irish Times. Ulster rugby isn’t “under pressure from sponsors”. The sponsors are “under pressure from Amanda Ferguson and the Irish Times”

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I feel sorry for anyone who respects the Irish Times

These feminists better watch out. They may end up triggering Ulster unionism’s ‘we don’t care what you want us to do’ gene

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They picketed the ground and they’re considering picketing sponsors. They got trolled by a father daughter combo, who hopefully show up at all their pickets :stuck_out_tongue:


“Save Ulster from Sodomy” has morphed into

“Save Ulster from Legal Sexual Behaviour”


I was wondering why this statement from Blackwell was being entertained by the media. Itll be a sad day when quangos can legislate