Burning-men 2017, Witch hunts and beyond


Well…they’ve been sacrificed - their punishment for being found not guilty is complete.

rte.ie/news/ulster/2018/041 … y-jackson/
*The contracts of Paddy Jackson and Stuart Olding have been revoked by the Irish Rugby Football Union (IRFU) and Ulster Rugby, with immediate effect.

It follows a review conducted in the aftermath of recent court proceedings.

In a statement, the IRFU and Ulster Rugby said: "In arriving at this decision, the IRFU and Ulster Rugby said they acknowledged their responsibility and commitment to the core values of the game - respect, inclusivity and integrity.

“It has been agreed, as part of this commitment, to conduct an in-depth review of existing structures and educational programmes, within the game in Ireland, to ensure the importance of these core values is clearly understood, supported and practised at every level of the game.”*


how ironic they claim “respect, inclusivity and integrity” when many young rugby players have to retire early. felix jones and luke fitzgerald being examples.


Nobody’s contract of employment is massively important when all is going well but when the shit hits the fan one would want to be sure you are onside with every one of its terms.


Good post. The “change” requested is all very Brexity - vague on the way in, then hijack it after people agree.
Presenting the fact that criminal law is focussed on the state versus the defendant as a revelation and a problem really is stupid. Of course it is - it is criminal law. If the complainant wants to bring a case, she is perfectly entitled (in civil law) - not only that, she faces a lower burden of proof (balance of probabilities versus beyond all reasonable doubt).


They don’t make their point well. This isn’t surprising as they’re either muddled or silent on lots of relevant issues to these sort of cases - alcohol, personal responsibility, regret, preexisting mental illness etc

What I think they mean is that this is an area where there is more doubt about whether a crime occurred at all, than about who did the crime. With a physical assault you see the bruises, with a burglary you see the damage, with a fraud you trace assets. There’s no doubt that a crime actually occurred.

These sort of cases are so alcohol sodden, confused and full of omissions and inconsistencies on all sides that whether a crime occurred at all becomes the central question.

While rape activists point to the low conviction rate and under reporting of rape as being a huge issue…it would be useful to compare conviction rates with other crimes where the perpetrator is not in doubt but whether a crime occurred at all is in doubt and open to a lot of legal arguing.

Just thinking out loud - Directors Conduct cases. There’s loads of people who’ll swear to you the country is filled with rogues running companies. But how many of them ever get successfully prosecuted ? And of those how many see a jail cell ?


The Gender Pay Gap skit


quillette.com/2018/10/17/an-aca … at-mcgill/


And another one…

quillette.com/2018/09/25/how-an … d-my-life/


Mental health: One in four young women struggling - bbc.co.uk/news/health-46295719

‘believe women’


Maybe they’re the ones that used to be men? Was looking at various stats for UK, Canada and New Zealand. Number of transgender cases either in treatment or counselling has gone up by 2000%, 4000%, or 6000% depending on which study you look at. And that’s all in the last 6 - 10 years. Some rubbishy news program for students on RTE News Now today featured a school-age shemale wearing all black makeup and a studded dog collar who “just wants to be accepted for who they are”. An acquaintance who teaches choir says her six year olds know that someone can be “a girl in a boys body”. The eleven year olds know all about their “gender choices” and have all the lingo. WTF are they doing to them in the schools?


I don’t think rising depression and anxiety rates have anything to do with question marks about the “believe women” crap.

Women who are prone to sadness and worrying are most unlikely to put themselves in the risky, party-girl, drunken confused situations that are the scenarios of so many rape acquittals that annoy some feminists.

As I’ve said before Borderline Personality Disorder women are the mental cases the legal system really should be screening out. They’re fantasists.


washingtonpost.com/arts-ent … 9d96a061ab

No locker room talk - does this apply to women too or only men? Is it now wrong to be anything except asexual ?!


I actually think this is part of an unconscious movement within the collective unconscious of women with the aim: try to make men as neurotic and fearful as women

Women have a lot of power when it comes to sex. But they still have that niggle of fear about it. Will something happen that I don’t want to happen and don’t have the power to stop ? Will my reputation get discussed in the locker room ?

So let’s make men fearful, keep them anxious, if they get to have sex and aren’t sufficently discreet, polite and grateful lets shame them. Aziz Ansari style. Let’s end their careers.


Jackson and Olding have claims for legal costs turned down

independent.ie/irish-news/c … 27077.html

It wouldn’t happen down South…the legal eagles would have had payback months ago. Instances like this will encourage the legal industry up north to vote for a united Ireland no doubt 8DD


It’s interesting to view the above in the context of the New Zealand PM’s commentary on Grace Millane’s murder. That New Zealand should be ashamed. Why ? Does the Perp have a record that should have meant preventative detention ?

MeToo is more and more just a straightforward power grab. 50% of the population are to be shamed, harranged and re-educated because a small number of them are psychopath killers or opportunitistic sleazes. Sensible men recognise there are wicked men in society and women particularly need to take care to be aware. But the MeToo crowd refuse to acknowledge evil and want to harass all men with gender training programmes. And if you point out they shouldn’t expect to be able to safely walk naked through a halfway house, you’re a ‘victim blamer’


Do you believe that the rapist of a woman who walks naked through a halfway house should be treated more leniently than if the woman had been fully clothed?


The complete opposite. They are repeat offenders.

Personally I acknowledge malevolence and wickedness exists. Some people don’t for some mad reason - And don’t adjust their behaviours. They must believe they’ve no agency for stopping bad things happening to them. That’s toddler thinking.


Who are repeat offenders?


I was speaking hypothetically about some non prison place where dangerous people are concentrated. I could have said the Dáil bar I suppose either.


No. But it makes good sense to try to avoid being the victim a crime for which there cannot be restitution.