Burning-men 2017, Witch hunts and beyond


As the OP of this thread. Let me help you because you are completely incorrect. It is exactly not about “men feeling victimised”.

So I suggest you go back to the start and read again.


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m.independent.ie/irish-news/fat … 66406.html

I wonder will Una Mullally be writing about this story ?

I didn’t actually believe him but Bill Burr is right. There really is an epidemic of gold-digging whores.


You are right. Andrew “G’day” Broad is a great man.


Where on earth did he make out Andrew Broad to be a great man?


Bill Burr does a great line in the appropriated victimhood at the root of the “burning men” idea.

Here he is spending 12 minutes justifying domestic violence against women.


What a hero!


If some of you guys want to maintain De Valera type views that Irish women are different, go ahead :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m serious about Una. I’m interested to know what her rationalisation would be. She’d probably just attack Bill Burr. That’s a useful diversion :stuck_out_tongue:


Money attracts con-people. Some of them are con-women who are prepared to use sex as bait. The con-men are more likely to rob the suckers using financial fraud. I guess you make use of the gender and sexuality you have to hand. And Bernie Madoff wasn’t exactly a looker.

The sugar daddy thing requires mutual consent. I don’t understand it myself, but there is an obvious distinction between that and straight extortion.


All is not the same as some.
The gender war is fought by child soldiers.


Well 25 isn’t a child. But I feel the Dad’s assessment of her as sometimes naive is worth keeping in mind. To me it’s a more interesting story that there’s seemingly a ‘money for company/sex’ ring in a big accounting firm in Hong Kong. They really need to pay their staff more !

I think I liked feminism more when they slut-shamed rather than slut-celebrated. People like Una should be outright giving guidance to younger women: what you’re doing is wrong.

I’d tend to see the sense in Julie Burchill’s quote from 30 years ago


Dad in assuming his daughter is naive shocker, what next :stuck_out_tongue:


Really, Dads should know when to shut up. Opining publicly on the sexual behaviour of ones own children is just weird.


Wow, that’s some naked hatred for the worlds oldest profession there, would you shoot strippers too or just public flogging? Who are the ‘indigenous women’ here - the wives that Bill Burr calls gold diggers?


Reference to “Profession” is just hooker-apologist and punter talk. Professions have exams, standards, expectations for conduct etc.

I think the Julie Burchill quote pre-dates the Internet. Indigenous women would mean the women who have to live in redlight districts.


I admire your childlike innocence about how media like the Sindo works. He said what he said to keep her name and her employers name out of the paper.


So yeah, naked hatred then. The phrase ‘worlds oldest profession’ was coined by Kipling and illustrates that prostitution has existed through the ages and all world orders. Free choice was exercised here by both sides. ‘Slut shaming’ as a tool to promote your morality on others is medieval and no better than the Magdalene orders methods.


It’s completely facile to refer to Kipling’s views on the oldest “profession”. FWIW He would have considered it a massive degenerate step down for the World - a situation where a white woman in the orient with a masters degree was engaging in this behaviour. His contempt for this would dwarf Julie Burchill’s.

It is, as originally stated, evidence of an epidemic of silly/gold digger whores. Facilitated by the Internet.


I`ll be skipping using Gillett products now
sbs.com.au/news/shave-toxic … nt-head-on



Meh. Viral Marketing for branded razors.
The Disposable razor, for the disposable man. Gillette.