Burning-men 2017, Witch hunts and beyond


It’s interesting to see echoes of Humphries scenario in the Prince Andrew thing. I’ve admittedly only seen snippets of the Andrew interview and don’t pay much attention to sordid stories, but to my mind Epstein groomed Andrew. It sounds mad to say - but Andrew is an Epstein victim too. But Andrew can’t acknowledge it


“groomed”, no. He was an educated privileged adult of means - to my mind grooming isn’t an applicable word here. Disadvantaged, hungry, neglected children are groomed, not princes.


By all accounts the prince is not the brightest bulb in the toolbox and having a title does not preclude one from being manipulated by sociopaths.


I hope he names some of the “journalists” (including ex colleagues) who threw him to the wolves and cheer-led his demise.

JK Rowling (whose Twitter following currently stands at more than 14 million users) tweeted the article and described it as “filth”. Chelsea Clinton re-tweeted several mentions describing it as “vile”. The New York Times ran the story, while at home, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar called the article “anti-Semitic” and former Tanaiste Frances Fitzgerald praised the newspaper for taking “the right action”.

Myers is incredulous at the Government’s haste to join the mob. Neither have made any comment since the RTE apology. “The previous time I had met Frances Fitzgerald we had kissed [on the cheek],” said Myers. “Is that what she is in the habit of doing? Kissing misogynists and anti-Semites?”

Within hours of the furore, friends in the PR business rang with advice, which generally went like this: “We have never seen anything like this before and we don’t know what to do… we can’t help you. This is out of control. It’s across the world.”


I never warmed to Myers, and his faux pas was a bit stupid. But I suspect he was the victim of timing. The power of outrage on social media was a relatively new thing, and I’m not sure anyone had yet realised it could just be “people making shit up”. Nowadays I think people might be more circumspect about joining a Twitter mob. The following talk by an author accused of “cultural appropriation” points out that the self-appointed guardians of politically correct orthodoxy sometimes just have to be laughed at. (Admittedly that’s not easy when they’re wrecking your career).


Stop the world, I want to get off. I have now seen it fucking all. BBC’s See Hear programme for deaf people just ran a lengthy article on how non-deaf people learning sign language is cultural appropriation. Deaf people are now an oppressed minority and deaf campaigners will be taking to social media to call out the theft of their culture.

Apparently sign language translation at, say, the Glastonbury festival is ok. But someone running a website to teach sign language or, heaven forfend, profiting from teaching it, is committing robbery. Because that person has hearing privilege (I kid you not, those were the actual words used, as well as speaking privilege). That means they have a platform not available to deaf people, and therefore they must be shot down because … uh, reasons.

Clock up yet another intersectional grievance category to add to race, gender, sexual preference, gender identity, and whatever the flavour of the day is. Proof, if any were needed, that no category is immune from being an asshole. :icon_evil:


There’s an irony here. Isn’t your reaction the very definition of being triggered, with all due respect?

Without having seen the programme, I did come across this:

Not all cultural borrowing is bad or inconsiderate, but it’s important to understand the difference between “cultural appropriation” and “cultural appreciation”. Sharing is welcome. Unauthorized taking or adopting a cultural bit into your dominant culture is not.

Our language is our sacred core of our cultural-lingustic identity.

There are some areas of cultural appropriation that is unacceptable and disrespectful such as ‘baby sign language’, hearing people using our language ASL in songs, vlogs, teaching sign language, and/or using our language for fame, privilege, or position.

And its been debated for some time.


I learned sign language when I was a teenager, my sister did the classes with me as doctors thought I would go totally deaf by 16. Turned out they misdiagnosed , hilarious because they said I had nerve damage and couldn’t improve. It was impossible apparently, anyway that’s a whole other discussion for my experience with our health system. Anyway in their view I shouldn’t have been able to communicate with hearing people through sign language? They can go to hell.


I don’t know the very definition of being triggered as it’s a stupid neologism. But if you mean I’m outraged by this load of old cobblers, then yes. I wouldn’t call it ironic. I’d call it recognising pathetic bullshit when I see it. What’s next? Should I campaign against Brazilian immigrants learning Irish? Against people writing sloppy code in my favourite programming language? It’s unmitigated bollocks. Deaf people don’t own sign language any more than I own the recipe to bacon and cabbage.


Fair enough! Totally agree that the term triggered is bollox. Can we all dump the term snowflake too?

I do see this sign language cultural appropriation thing as exclusionary. So far everything I’ve seen as cultural appropriation is unnecessarily exclusionary without a good cause.
Perhaps there is a case to be made somewhere…some day. But it seems a totally self defeating thing. Its actually, to be honest, quite a conservative reaction. Which is really weird to see for me.

I’m reminded of the prom dress episode, which I thought was bizarre and wrong criticism.


Snowflake is abused because it’s inferred that all millennials are snowflakes which is clearly bullshit. My OH manages a guy who runs off or threatens to go to HR with complaints at the drop of a hat, takes several weeks certified (depression) sick leave a year usually prompted by any recognition of a cock up - he is the most shining personification of a snowflake I’ve ever encountered and just happens to be a millennial.


Agreed. But

  1. Like climate change, are there more snowflakes than there used to be ?
  2. It seems like there are more older snowflakes now. Is the general climate making them more bold in expressing their sensitivity ?


Interesting that the deaf have caught the woke bug, AFAIK their language is very un PC, I assumed this might make them a little more immune to bullshit (yes I am aware there are many different sign languages)

Anyone guess what this means


Millennial’s are stereotyped as snowflakes, but GenZ are actually what a lot of people conceive to be millenials. GenZ grew up in the digital era and are sharp, savvy and would buy and sell you - as a stereotype. 19 year old girls paying their way through college selling porn onlyfans as an example.

Yes, I do think their are more snowflakes.Older snowflakes - like 40 or 50+ years, no?


Abortion ?

Theyre going to need to change one. You can’t be implying there’s an actual baby. Maybe she could make some strong, confident WonderWoman stance ?


But they aren’t changing it. At all.

I think you may have found your non politically correct heroes after all. :clap:

A Post 8th Amendment world - Culture of Death

Another one, the war on noticing will continue, I’m willing to suggest another alternative sign, but I suspect that also will be verboten


You defending this? Yes?

Don’t shy away…


Facebook…Google…Hollywood…Wall Street

Maybe the sign language should be just to take out a phone and point at it :wink:


Lazy. Boring even.


Edit: Basically, use sign language. Its all good. Its got PC controversy…the good controversy of course. Even antisemitics will be happy if you chose the right particular SL!