Burning-men 2017, Witch hunts and beyond


Dr. Marcus De Brun

Friends My opinion has resulted in upset to colleagues & an unpleasant investigation by the IMC I have decided to step back from public debate. I have resigned my HSE contract & will delete my Twitter account, in the hope of mitigating further upset to others and to my family.

10:48 AM · Oct 3, 2020

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One of his last acts was to convince today’s medical speaker’s to come forward. A brave, brave man.


Appalling story





The special mark of the modern world is not that it is sceptical, but that it is dogmatic without knowing it

G.K. Chesterton


Not a fan or anything but just posting for record. If someone more adept than me could link same to the sars virus cov 2.o mark 1 thread that would be great.

In this together and all. Mind yisser jobs.