Burning-men 2017, Witch hunts and beyond


I think its just the latest front in the leadership battle since the election. Lots of people willing to use any cover for a grab for power. Catherine Martin is no different…if Hazel Chu was a man, she would just have a different excuse. The Greens are a fascinating bunch…they really seem intent on hurting each other more than their opponents.


It is what communists do. It eats itself in the end. Always.


No. They are very intent on hurting us, they view each other as unfortunate collateral damage in the war about which mob of maniacs gets to hurt us.

The green ideology requires draconian/authoritarian powers to implement their ideas. So any idea they’re democrats is all a sham.


You may well be right. This incident is internal and personal though, the 5 who voted for Hazel Chu were her partner Patrick Costello, Catherine Martin, her husband, her brother as well as Neasa Hourigan who was sanctioned by Eamon Ryan last year. Its an internal power struggle using feminist solidarity as a misdirection.

I’m waiting for the photo of them walking by the Grand Canal with one of them no longer in it…I just don’t know which one it will be.


Very possible.

Or, it really is about feminism. It is a fight about how marxist-feminist the Green movement will be. Eamon Ryan is never going to lead society to a pre-civilization, matriarchal, low testosterone utopia.


I can tell you, there’s one person you need to keep out of your way in a workplace - a woman who used to be beautiful.


That’s certainly an interesting take