Bus and Taxi drivers demonstrations

Bus drivers are demonstrating outside Green party HQ. Taxi drivers demonstrating at the Daíl and on to Taxi Regulators office I think. Signs of things to come? I thought the bus drivers were being a bit quiet up to now, considering 10% is being cut.

you’d almost feel sorry for the Greens…almost :laughing: . Could they not see this coming when they went into bed with The Devil?

what exactly are the taxi drivers demonstrating about?

They are looking for a freeze on new licences being issued.

Eh, in typical public service unions “solidarity” mode, the 10% cut is coming from guys on a 12 month probation.

If the cuts were made in the long serving bus driver core, I doubt very much we would have buses running!

That said, the fact that no CIE management have been shown the door is telling.

Ah, I see! I didn’t realise that. Classic I’m all right jack :angry:

They are looking for a freeze on new licences being issued.

probably not a bad idea, albeit about 18 months too late. The amount of taxis on the road is nuts

The taxi drivers really piss me off. If they can’t make money driving a taxi then find another profession. There’s no limit on people becoming engineers or any other job so why should we artificially limit their numbers just because a bunch of lads feel entitled to it?

Oversupply of taxis → Taxi drivers find something better to do ->Supply of taxis decrease.


Yeah, we never had any taxi strikes during the last ten years and we never had any bus strikes either!!! :unamused:

I know that! What I meant is, the amount of demo’s will increase across the board.

Possibly. I’m thinking about having a demo meself about superfluous apostrophes… :smiling_imp:

especially when you consider that this ‘Government’ has already demonstrated its total willingness to cave in at the first sign of public protest :unamused:

In other words, restrict competition. Thats a cartel and its illegal under EU treaties.

Maybe we should all protest when someone else joins our profession and competes with us taking away our business.

Not true really. The number of engineers, as with any profession, is limited by the numbers that the Unis/ITs produce annually which the professional bodies have a large say in. Plus its not easy for engineers, or any other professional, to throw away maybe a decade of study and experience to try their hand at something else.

Driving a taxi shouldnt be highly paid. If it was we’d all do it and not bother to become engineeers or whatever.

Taxi fares should be going DOWN not up. Its that old irish inflation mentality again.

Jesus the irony - people losing jobs, families in trouble and these people **with **jobs protesting… :confused:

Well yes skilled labour supply and demand is much less elastic than unskilled supply and demand.

Taxi driving requires skills and resources which are extremely common in this country hence the premium for providing them should be small. If the current lot don’t want to do it then that’s fine, I’m perfectly happy for them to sit at home because there’s a lot of other folks who will do it.

The only way they can make the sort of money they feel like they’re entitled to is to artificially limit the number of new taxi drivers. There’s no reason at all to do this. The only thing the government should be doing is making sure that the industry is well regulated so people with criminal records can’t be taxi drivers or that drivers who get a lot of complaints don’t get to continue in the job. Matching supply to demand is a market function and it works better than anything else we can devise.

Perhaps people should examine the stated reasons behind the protests, etc., before rushing to post.

As far as I know, Taxi Drivers are not protesting about being required to be highly paid and people in Dublin Bus are losing jobs.


I wonder what their definition of “decent living” is.

Sometimes I wonder what anyone’s definition of a decent living is on this forum?!?