"Bus Connects" CPO plans for Dublin


Some street widening is going ahead in Dublin it appears. Which I find unbelievable as I thought the nature of Dublin planning was to keep the place going as a case study in how not to maximise commute distances for people trying to get around it.

independent.ie/news/environ … 04982.html

There’s a video in the article with a lady complaining about possibly having to give up part of her front garden. No body likes to give up things, especially when its the fruits of a century of growth to your city which you have benefited from hugely in regard to jobs, local infrastructure and the fact your crappy house is now worth the same as a mansion 50 km west.

How long before this collapses due to costs and the bottom up tyranny of objections?


This is the first I’ve heard of this Bus Connects project. Sounds like something that may work and not cost an arm and a leg.


the Bus Rapid Transit project is in the works for at least 2/3 years

usual property hysterics from the media
irishtimes.com/news/ireland … -1.3528281

independent.ie/news/environ … 04982.html


the recent road improvements have resulted in longer journey times. any hope why this would be different?


25k per sqm is absolute insanity


Which road improvements have resulted in longer journey times?
The expansion of bus lanes along the quays resulted in longer car journey times? That’s a foreseen outcome, surely, with the aim being to shorten journey times for those commuters who chose to travel by bus rather by private car.
Or you mean the work on the Luas Cross City resulted in longer bus journey times? Hopefully at least some lessons will have been learned about the need for joined up thinking there.


It really is.
But, this is Ireland.

In reality, most of these houses are probably looking at 3-4 foot depth being taken off a 30 foot small front garden that is functionally not used for anything other than parking. There is still likely to be space for a car to be parked.

This initiative, if successful, is likely to increase the value of houses in those areas - not decrease them.
With the advent of fully electric buses not too far away, the buses will be quite quiet.


Not just Dublin, but other cities will get the same treatment
I can see a ginoromus amount of €€€ going from the State to rentiers


I had to laugh when, exactly as I was reading the first IT article about this announcement at lunchtime yesterday, I received a daft.ie email alert for a price drop on this.


Well, yes.

I can see that properties with little or no garden on the affected roads may be a little harder to shift at least until the exact plans detailing who’s losing what emerge and possibly through construction too. But it seems likely that the lack of supply will continue through the projected timeline of this project so beggars will continue to forego choice.


BRT is another project, unless it’s been merged (bastardised) into this, and it’s completely different.


It’s part of it, see above
I think it’s a subset of the 16 routes.


Absolutely. And the high price is for public opinion and required, IMO, for it to be fair. Same as the IPO for the roads in the country, you pay top dollar because people really don’t want the aggravation, so some of it is for the land, the rest is for the regret.


Aside from the proposed cashless system, greener buses and new routes…is this just effectively just a proposal to widen key roads to accommodate wider bus lanes in each direction?


Apologies, it looks like it has been morphed into this plan, I understood that most of the BRT features had been watered down significantly as the plan progressed (/deteriorated). It occurred to me when the announcement was made earlier this week that they had cut the routes in half at the city centre to make their announcement more impressive by doubling the number of routes. The proposed BRT routes were from UCD to Blanchardstown and Swords to Tallaght if I recall correctly.


And dedicated bike lanes.

As far as I’m concerned this will just create more road space and less greenery. More road space in Ireland = more cars.
we don’t police the bus lanes we have currently and I have no doubt we won’t police the new improved versions in the future. So there may be some improvements in time but a lot of that will be lost to the private cars who know they can disobey the rules of the road without any consequences.


You beat me to it. I don’t see this being any improvement to the current position without proper policing of the bus lanes. There needs to be serious fines for those who don’t obey them. And I mean serious fines.
All an expanded road is going to do is accommodate more cars.


I think the BRT lanes will/should have some physical separation?


This is what the typical road layout will look like. The Cyclepaths appear to be defined from the path and the road but the bus lanes look same as now.


BRT goes above and beyond this


Sign of the times in Capital City Dublin. A crazy place. Filled with crazy people led by a crazy hierarchy?

More importantly that valuation includes the “up to” clause…