"Bus Connects" CPO plans for Dublin


Why silly?

They are two issues really:

One - is one of efficiency. Poorly clustered stops make the service slow and inefficient for all. Pair this with the complete lack of bus lane policing, and we have the current slow mess in Dublin.

Two - is of ease of use. Better infrastructure (footpaths, shelters) and driver discipline at stops, and better routing and loading, all encourage use for able-bodied and less-able passengers alike.

Some of these factors are more important for the less able. I’m thinking of my elderly neighbours, but also of myself in 20-30 years time. I’d tolerate a 500m walk on poor paths in bad weather to the bus stop now, and then stand there with no shelter in the wind and rain. But not sure I’d feel as able to do so if less abled.

Maybe in 20 years time I won’t worry about this as I’ll be using on demand autonomous car services… and so sitting in traffic with everyone else! Or I’ll be dead! There’s a range of possibilities!


When the Government allowed Ranelagh to veto the metro, it’s obviously going to encourage Rathgar to go a bit bonkers.

irishtimes.com/news/ireland … 7?mode=amp


I love this. You get a few media people lobbying for small clusters of outspoken millionaires sitting on pads with huge land footprints.

Nutley Lane is a particular joke - a millionaires row beside a major hospital thats congested to fuck at peak times. In fact all the east west connectivity over to milltown and rathgar is a shambles. A good century of brutal NIMBY- led planning has led to a non-euclidean nightmare of a streetscape that has probably costs millions of hours of peoples lives being stuck in cars.

Leo could obviously have referenda to sort all this out with a mandate and centralising planning decision making, but no, we will get more stupid referenda like lowering the voting age.



That is how Dublin operates, some ‘important’ people get the ear of Frank McDonald and the save the red brick mob and the Times fills up slowly with Nimby nonsense.

It is a circular self reinforcing circlejerk insular opinion bubble and I have not bought the Irish Times since they bought Myhome.ie over 10 years back…because then house prices could never fall said the Times. It took RTE to pierce that bubble with Richard Curran and his future shock programme but the Irish Times fought back with Isobel Morton…FFS… Isobel Morton :frowning:

To add insult to injury that tosspot Eamon Ryan started out moaning about a ‘please bring Metro to Rathfarnham’ campaign a year back and has now expanded his deluded vision to encompass all of South Dublin. Now THIS is the Metro he proposes today. This is fucking lunacy but that never stopped Ryan before did it?? :frowning:


A lot of the problems in this Country would disappear if we simply carpet bombed D4.


All of the problems in this country would disappear if we simply carpet bombed the entire country!