Bush calls for economy kick-start

President George W Bush has called for a special package of measures worth billions of dollars to avoid a downturn in the world’s biggest economy.


I would love to see this guys Credit Card Bill. :open_mouth:

It doesn’t seem to matter what it is, or how much it costs. George WANTS IT, and George MUST HAVE IT.


Ben’s helicopters are getting lounder.

This is an attempt by Bush to buy the next election. Will probably work too.

Not so fast kemosabe, those pesky kids might stop Uncle Abner from getting away with it:
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So will this help the american workforce earn a bit more where its reputed that the average wage has stalled in the last few years?

Or is it just a shot in the arm for the super rich to pay lower taxes?

Err, George, give more disposable income to the average joe soap that still has a job and they’ll start buying things again!!

It’s enough to help buy an election – keep the masses on your side, like. And besides, it’s not party money, it’s ‘the government’s money’. I.e. money that these people paid in taxes! So, “1 over infinity tends to zero, we’re going to the wall anyways, and we may as well do it properly and win the next election while we’re at it”… Or so it goes…

So, why not just lower taxes? Oh wait, we can’t do that because we need to service a national debt of monstrous size… Eh…

Don’t underestimate the stupidity of your average consumer – most people are too busy working 10 hour days, raising a family and fitting in the next episode of ‘Lost’ to even begin to comprehend the shady world of economics and politics. Even if average Joe did try to understand what’s really going on the world he wouldn’t be able to because he’s outside of the loop by virtue of his social standing, is probably too uneducated, and has more immediate worries like: putting a roof over his head, feeding his family and paying the bills (not to mention his desire for things like shiny televisions and collecting Hollywood DVDs).


Now there’s a ‘surprise’. The American VIs simply fund both parties. It doesn’t really matter who’s in power.

America is just a jaded crack whore who doesn’t realise that the solution to their problems might be to get off the crack for a while, but unfortunately their answer always involves smoking even more crack.

Just substitute crack for debt. I guess it works fine as long as your dealers keep doling out the fixes.

He isn’t going for election again! In fact, he can’t!

But it doesn’t matter who the puppet it!