Business Week: The new generation leaving Ireland

Story taken from Business Week, 11th Feb 2010

A sad scene that many will recall from decades before the 1990’s.

Blue Horseshoe

Somebody send him the IDA pack on the Knowledge Economy.

And where’s Eamon Ryan when we need him?

great article

The depressing self-deprecating passive and downright embarassing stupidity of the “new generation of Irish emigrating” never ceases to amaze me. Civil engineering eh? Have to travel on the famine ship to Australia because there’s no job eh?

Here is the EURES search for Civil Engineer jobs that those whining civil engineers are unable to find:

Lithuania: 2 job(s) matched

Slovenia: 7 job(s) matched

Switzerland: 7 job(s) matched

Bulgaria: 1 job(s) matched

Norway: 73 job(s) matched

Sweden: 115 job(s) matched

United Kingdom: 11593 job(s) matched

Germany: 1001 job(s) matched

Spain: 1 job(s) matched

Belgium: 69865 job(s) matched

Czech Republic: 71 job(s) matched

Finland: 61 job(s) matched

France: 322 job(s) matched

Netherlands: 265 job(s) matched

Austria: 21 job(s) matched

Cyprus: 11 job(s) matched

Poland: 85 job(s) matched

Romania: 4 job(s) matched

Denmark: 14 job(s) matched

Italy: 1 job(s) matched

Luxembourg: 3 job(s) matched

Portugal: 23 job(s) matched

So clearly with only around 20000 jobs an hour or two away with Ryanair €10 flights available right now, it’s a total crisis, so it’s either wearing no shoes to school through the fields or else the emigrant path to Australia. What alternative closed off and isolationist planet are these new poor graduates living in? Do they even look at the currency they use every day?

Yeahbut either they don’t speak the right language in those countries or it’s not sunny enough…

Guy on de liveline the other day telling people not to bother going to Canada, there’s no work. He graduated in the summer and went over with 11 mates and 5 of them have found work, I think he said it was mostly labouring type stuff too. Others were on saying how difficult it is to establish yourself in Aus and if you do get to go through citizenship process it costs a packet. Most of them seemed to be saying not to waste your money on the airfare etc.

Look out for an article about the new emigration returning…

And not qualifying for any social welfare payments.

At least they won’t be counted as unemployed. Sure won’t that make the FAS boys right?

Mr. Barrett said this back in September 2009 at the Framleigh “love in”. The problem was he said it to an event organised by the very government who oversaw the erosion of 13 of the 14 reasons to come here and so chose to just brush over it. … 09195.html

For those who are interested, I could only find a partial list of the original 14

  • availability of a well-educated workforce,
  • attractive taxation and incentives,
  • the availability of suitable land,
  • good infrastructure services
  • the quality of life in Ireland

presumably the cost base was one also. … 38380.html

Blue Horseshoe