Businesses being shut down...

I read in a recent posting that 2 pubs outside Dublin had been shut down by the bailiffs whilst customers were eating their lunch…but the pubs were’nt named…is there a fear of naming ?..just curious,if it actually happened and the pubs are now closed then no danger of defamation,etc…

Naming & shaming does seem to be a problem in this country. During the recent pork scare, the BBC reported who the supplier was but no Irish media outlet did.

The country is hijacked by the worst of kind of scoundrels. End of Story.

What was the Begining of the Story ?
The Gufallo said, no Grufallo should ever go into the big bad wood…

I’m informed by my legally minded SO that libel laws are much less forgiving to publishers in Ireland than the UK, hence it’s common enough for UK news sources to report things while the Irish ones keep quiet.

arcane archaic LIBEL laws are the enemy of the people, the enemy of the pin the enemy of truth.

We need a 1st amendment and fucking fast folks.

…but going back to my point,its not libel if the bailifs did arrive and the pubs are now closed. No libel…or am I missing something?

Yes but you better be certain dude!

Jaysus, what did everyone make tin hats out of their sweet wrappers or what… I started this whole thing off, I was the original poster that mentioned the two pubs that were shutdown during lunch time. I didnt give the names because I couldnt be bothered I dont think it was relevant and I felt a bit sorry for the people working there. But it did happen.
Anyways if you really want to know, go for a big long walk in the woods , get a nice spot of lunch and have a coffee and then come back to me and if the names are still important to you then you have bigger issues. …no libel no conspiracy no defamation

Actually, I would like to know. We deal with the pub trade in work so knowing who is having “difficulties” is important.

Speculator Well said, it doesn’t really matter the name of the pubs